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NEW for 2021!

Keep an eye on this Page as it's where you'll find all the NEW resources for 2021.

Celebrating Special Days in 2021

World Veterinary Day - Saturday 24 April

Accompanying copy: World Veterinary Day 2021

"The world needs veterinary professionals. Not just because our animals need doctors and caretakers (which is obviously also crucial), but because of the type of people they are. They are selfless, caring, compassionate individuals who will stop at nothing to make sure your four-legged family member is okay.  

So, we repeat the world needs veterinary professionals simply because the world needs better people. We, of course, are biased when it comes to veterinary professionals and their superhuman powers, but take a look for yourself and read on why have a day allotted to celebrate veterinary medicine. 

This year’s theme is The Veterinarian Response to the Covid-19 Crisis. Veterinary professionals were quite literally thrown into the fire when having to deal with the pandemic."



2021 Monthly Calendar


  • A4 size
  • 1 month per page
  • Public Holidays (Australia)
  • School holidays (Australia)
  • Special dates & events to celebrate with your clients

 Click HERE to download (PDF)

TO-DO Lists

There's nothing like a blank to-do list to help get you organised.

You can choose from two different designs: Animals or Footprints in either A4 OR A5. Note: The A5 To-Do list downloads as an A4 landscape so you'll get two To-Do lists per page.

A4 Size To-Do List:


1. ANIMALS                           2. FOOTPRINTS

 Click HERE to download A4 To Do list pdf:   1. ANIMALS   2. FOOTPRINTS

A5 Size To-Do Lists (Downloads as an A4 Landscape = 2 lists per page):


1. ANIMALS                                    2. FOOTPRINTS

 Click HERE to download A5 sized To-Do Lists (A4 = 2/page):


2021 Blank Veterinary Social Media Planning Calendar

This Excel Calendar has been designed to help you plan your social media posts throughout 2021.

You'll find some suggested topics to focus on each month while you plan out your posts for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. You can add in columns or change the existing headings to suit your social media accounts.

 Click HERE to download (Excel)

2021 Blank Veterinary Blog Post Planning Calendar

This Excel Calendar will help you plan out your blog posts throughout 2021.

The columns in the Calendar include: Blog Post Title; Content/Reason for writing the post; Author; Target audience; Key words to include; and most importantly, your Offer/Call to action.

You'll also find some suggested topics to focus on each month that match up with the suggested topics in the Social Media Planning Calendar (above).

Page Two of the Calendar lists over 50 suggested blog topics that I'm sure you and your team will be able to add many more to throughout the year.

Click HERE to download (Excel)

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