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2022 Members Resources

NEW for 2022!

Keep an eye on this Page as it's where you'll find all the NEW resources for 2022.

Celebrating Special Days in 2022

Keep an eye on this space as it's where we share our images to help you celebrate special days on your socials and website.


Pet Cancer Prevention Tips (Morris Foundation)

Share this 4 page PDF document with your clients - it's easy to read and covers:

  • Pet Cancer Prevention Tips

  • 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

  • Pet Cancer Prevention Checklist

You could also break the document into 3 and share each section separately.


Click HERE to download

Australian Employee Manual: Instant HR Policies & Procedures - Diversity & Inclusion

Thank you to the Australian Employee Manual for this free downloadable Diversity & Inclusion Policy which can be customised to suit your business.

Click HERE to download

You can purchase the entire Instant HR Policies & Procedures Handbook with over 291 essential and easily customised polices and forms specifically designed for Australian small business - for only $297 - and  as a bonus you'll also receive a copy of the Induction Manual.

Click here to visit the Australian Employee Manual Website

TO-DO Lists

There's nothing like a blank to-do list to help get you organised.

You can choose from two different designs: Animals or Footprints in either A4 OR A5. Note: The A5 To-Do list downloads as an A4 landscape so you'll get two To-Do lists per page.

A4 Size To-Do List:


1. ANIMALS                           2. FOOTPRINTS

 Click HERE to download A4 To Do list pdf:   1. ANIMALS   2. FOOTPRINTS

A5 Size To-Do Lists (Downloads as an A4 Landscape = 2 lists per page):


1. ANIMALS                                    2. FOOTPRINTS

 Click HERE to download A5 sized To-Do Lists (A4 = 2/page):


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