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Interesting preliminary findings - PharmAust Monepantel trials for canine lymphoma

Interesting Preliminary Findings Pharmaust Monepantel Trials For Canine Lymphoma
Posted in Case Studies at 09 December, 2021

Great success has been achieved by PharmAust in its clinical trials testing the drug monepantel as an anticancer agent for pet dogs with treatment naive B cell lymphoma. PharmAust has made monepantel into a convenient, take at home tablet....

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Posted by Dr Richard Mollard, Chief Scientific Officer PharmAust

Atopic dermatitis in the dog – is treating the itch enough?

Atopic Dermatitis In The Dog Is Treating The Itch Enough
Posted in Case Studies at 09 December, 2021

As our knowledge of canine atopic dermatitis has changed, so should our approach to managing these cases Canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) is a disease that has been recognised by veterinary dermatologists for almost a century. The first paper to suggest th...

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Posted by Sue Paterson, Veterinary Director Virtual Vet Derms Ltd for Improve International

Giving Chica a better quality of life

Giving Chica A Better Quality Of Life
Posted in Case Studies at 11 November, 2021

After being diagnosed with canine lymphoma in April 2021, Chica's owners decided to take part in the PharmAust trial of monepantel, a new anti-cancer drug. This is Chica& story.... Chica was a Black Kelpie born on a farming property in WA. She was a very...

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Posted by Chica's mum, Gemma

The Life of Ryley: Taking part in a PharmAust veterinary clinical drug trial for canine lymphoma

The Life Of Ryley Taking Part In A Pharmaust Vet Clinical Drug Trial For Canine Lymphoma
Posted in Case Studies at 14 October, 2021

Ryley was only 5 when diagnosed with lymphoma - her family decided to get involved with the PharmAust MPL drug trial... The pet owner's perspective from Sharon, Ryley's mum... Tell us about Ryley how did she come into your family and what does she mean...

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Posted by Sharon (Ryley's mum) & Dr Sonya Yu (ARH)

Improve International Quick Case Study: Canine protein-losing enteropathy

Improve International Case Studie Canine Protein Losing Enteropathy1080px
Posted in Case Studies at 09 September, 2021

Canine protein-losing enteropathy (PLE) is commonly considered to occur secondary to severe inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and is associated with poor outcome, with only about 50% of dogs surviving longer than 4 months. The syndrome typically causes ga...

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Posted by By Improve International
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