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Transparency builds trust in your veterinary practice

Transparency Builds Trust In Your Veterinary Practice 2020
Posted in Client Service at 05 November, 2020

Every time I see a negative comment from a pet owner about their veterinarian, my heart drops. I know that almost everyone who works in a veterinary practice is there for the right reasons. Whether it's for the pure love for animals, to be an advocate......

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

7 Steps for the Perfect Veterinary Consult

7 Steps For The Perfect Veterinary Consult
Posted in Client Service at 29 October, 2020

Learning how to master your veterinary consult isn't just about getting more customers into the clinic it's about delivering better results for the pets already in your care. It can enable you to deliver complex medical information in a simple way, impro...

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Posted by Dr Claire Stevens, Global Vet Solutions

Handling Objections: What To Do When Your Veterinary Client Says "No"

Handling Objections What To Do When Your Veterinary Client Says No
Posted in Client Service at 24 September, 2020

Asking a client for money is one of the most difficult parts of our job in veterinary practice. It may feel insensitive to ask clients to spend money when they are concerned or distressed about their pet's well-being. It doesn't have to be this way! I ge...

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Posted by Donna Robson, Director Waggy Dog Veterinary Sales & Marketing

Euthanasia is NOT the only solution: Helping your clients to maintain their pets' mobility

Euthanasia Is Not The Only Solution
Posted in Client Service at 17 September, 2020

Many of your feline and canine patients are living longer lives, which also means your clients may be looking for solutions to help their pets maintain and improve their mobility throughout their senior years or even after surgery. The happiness of pets...

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Posted by Gillian Shippen, Director Pets Need A Life Too

Abusive veterinary client? Tips on how to deal

Abusive Veterinary Client Tips On How To Deal 2
Posted in Client Service at 13 August, 2020

I have a love-hate relationship with the closed veterinary groups on social media. I get annoyed by the negativity and complaining that often creeps into posts, and the passive aggressive (and sometimes not so passive!) squabbles that pop up all too ofte...

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Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra
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