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The buzz on insect protein as a healthy treat for your dog

The Buzz On Insect Protein As An Alternative Pet Treat For Your Dog V3
Posted in Client Service at 02 December, 2021

Feeding your dog insects as a treat? Why? You may have caught a whiff about insect proteins over the last few years, especially around the environmental, animal welfare AND nutritional benefits. But in case y...

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Posted by Dr Steph Stubbe, Veterinarian & Director AniPal

Having the conversation with your veterinary client: Pet cancer

Having The Conversation With Your Veterinary Client Pet Cancer
Posted in Client Service at 16 September, 2021

Sadly, it's not all that uncommon to hear of a much-loved family pet being diagnosed with cancer. In fact, when it comes to pet cancer stats, it is estimated that one in four dogs will develop cancer at some point during their lifetime....

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Posted by Leanne Pilpott, Pet Professional

The Top 5 Client Service Complaints In Veterinary Practice – And How To Prevent Them

The Top 5 Client Service Complaints In Veterinary Practice And How To Prevent Them 2
Posted in Client Service at 15 April, 2021

You'll never stop clients complaining but you can stop the same complaints from occurring time and time again. When I'm asked to deliver client service training to veterinary nurses, the first things I ask are 'Where do you think your service is lacking?...

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Posted by Donna Robson, Director Waggy Dog Marketing

Fear Free: When veterinary clients are talking about it, it's time to get on board

Fear Free When Your Clients Are Talking About It Its Time To Get On Board
Posted in Client Service at 31 March, 2021

It all started when.... As a child, I was a little different. I didn't play with dolls and I preferred to read, my favourites, of course, being James Herriot and similarly themed books. Or go outside and watch ants, butterflies, ladybugs, stink bugs, cat...

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2 Comments   Posted by Gillian Shippen, Nurse Manager & Director Pets Need A Life Too

Danger! Chocolate! Resources to share with veterinary clients over Easter

Danger Chocolate Resources To Share With Veterinary Clients Over Easter
Posted in Client Service at 25 March, 2021

Easter is a great time to connect with and educate your veterinary clients... Over the years I've collected some great resources to share on social media ......

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6 Comments   Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
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