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Platinum CPD introduces 100 days of happy

Platinum Cpd Introduces 100 Days Of Happy 2
Posted in Guest Blogger at 16 September, 2021

The search for a few easy tips & tricks to help make yourself a happier veterinary professional. I consider myself a happy person. I have high energy levels, a positive outlook on life and generally can find the good in every situation. I mean, people oft...

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Posted by Cordene Midgley, Platinum CPD

Veterinary Clinic Design Setup: Efficient Flow and Effective Layout

Veterinary Clinic Design Setup Efficient Flow And Effective Layout
Posted in Guest Blogger at 09 September, 2021

Every veterinary clinic works best when designed for efficient flow and effective layout. When setting up your vet clinic there are a few things you should think about before you start putting the finishing touches on your dream practice....

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Posted by The Elite Team

Zoetis & BeyondBlue continue to reduce stigma & support mental health in the veterinary industry

Zoetis & Beyond Blue Reducing stigma & supporting mental health in veterinary industry
Posted in Guest Blogger at 05 August, 2021

It's no surprise that an increase in workload is contributing to burnout for vets & nurses An increase in workload and workflow is contributing to burnout, ill health and loss of wellbeing for Australian veterinarians and their nursing staff, according to...

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Posted by The Zoetis team

Self-Esteem & Success in your Veterinary Life

Self Esteem Success In Your Veterinary Life
Posted in Guest Blogger at 15 July, 2021

I know that this is not an issue that YOU personally have however it is something that is RIFE in the Veterinary industry and many of our staff suffer from it. When these matters are resolved, practices thrive. Much of the work I do with people suffering...

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice & Veterinary Business Academy

The benefits of seeking & cultivating awe in your veterinary life

Seeking Cultivating Awe In Your Veterinary Life
Posted in Guest Blogger at 01 July, 2021

What is awe? And what generates awe within us? "Something happens when you dive into a world where clocks don't tick and inboxes don't ping. As your arms circle, swing and pull along the edge of a vast ocean, your mind wanders, and you open yourself..."...

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1 Comments   Posted by Dr Anne Quain, Veterinarian, Blogger, Lecturer & PhD student
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