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Why I don’t recommend chicken and rice to veterinary clients (and you shouldn’t either!)

Why I Dont Recommend Chicken And Rice To Veterinary Clients And You Shouldnt Either
Posted in Guest Blogger at 09 December, 2021

We all know how it goes; your pet has diarrhea, you call the vet and you get told to feed chicken and rice for a few days to clear up the diarrhea. But did you know, this recommendation could be doing more harm than good? Chicken and rice was originally...

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Posted by Jessica Joosse, Practice Manager and Blogger - Nutrition RVN

Veterinary Clinic Design: Bringing the Outside In

Veterinary Clinic Design Bringing The Outside In
Posted in Guest Blogger at 23 November, 2021

When planning your new or existing veterinary clinic, it's important that the design and layout not only creates an impact but is also functional and welcoming. One design idea that looks great is functional and connects with the external space is a conce...

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Posted by The Elite Team

How to stop worrying

How To Stop Worrying
Posted in Guest Blogger at 11 November, 2021

Most of us know what worry feels like. If you don't know how to deal with your worry it can start to have a real impact on your life but when you understand how worry works, you can take steps to reduce it and even turn it into a positive force for change...

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

Wound and dressing management for veterinary nurses - Part 2

Wound And Dressing Management For Veterinary Nurses Part 2
Posted in Guest Blogger at 04 November, 2021

For better or worse, as a veterinary nurse, we see the changes that occur and get to be an integral part of caring for and managing our patients' wounds. Welcome to Part 2 in Wound and dressing management for veterinary nurses........

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Posted by Melissa Giles, Vet Nurse Diary

Experiencing veterinary medicine from the opposite side of the consult table

Experiencing Veterinary Medicine From The Opposite Side Of The Consult Table
Posted in Guest Blogger at 04 November, 2021

When the veterinarian becomes the client.... The past 10 days have certainly been eventful, to say the least. Eye-opening? Definitely. Stressful? Absolutely. Thought-provoking? 100%. Why? Because just over a week ago, my 7-year-old Chihuahua Speedy,...

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Posted by Dr Emma McConnell, Director, Platinum CPD
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