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Paw Knuckling Solutions for your Canine Patients

Paw Knuckling Solutions For Your Canine Patients V4
Posted in Innovation at 14 October, 2020

One of the most common conditions clients are referred to me for is dragging or paw knuckling. As we know there can be several causes of paw knuckling or dragging: Arthritis, injury, Carpal flexural deformity, Intervertebral disc disease ........

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Posted by Gillian Shippen, Director Pets Need A Life Too & HandicappedPets Australia

The VET Expo: Australia’s new virtual festival-style event for vets & animal health professional

The Vet Expo Australias New Virtual Festival Style Event For Vets
Posted in Innovation at 13 August, 2020

It's no secret that we are experiencing unprecedented times and the world we live in today has changed. The good news is that back in March, the Federal Government deemed the veterinarian and animal health industry as essential. Fast forward to 5 months...

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Posted by Rita Nehme, Marketing Director, The VET Expo … the veterinary employment site we all need right now

Clever Vet Creating The Veterinary Employment Site
Posted in Innovation at 06 August, 2020

My experience in the veterinary industry isn't a unique one. I developed burnout after only 3 years working as a veterinarian, but at the time I didn't realise I was burnt out. Instead, I just thought I had insomnia, headaches, sciatica, crippling back...

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1 Comments   Posted by Dr. Jessica Bracken, Co-Founder, Clever Vet

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