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Catwalkin' On The Wild Side

Catwalkin On The Wild Side With Anipal
Posted in Innovation at 27 April, 2022

The tricky question in cat parenting... should you let your cat walk-on-the-wild side outdoors or keep your furry friend inside and protect Australia&s native wildlife? What's the issue with roaming free you might ask? Well, since cats were introduced to...

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Posted by Dr Steph Stubbe, Veterinarian & Director AniPal

Paw Knuckling Solutions for your Canine Patients

Paw Knuckling Solutions For Your Canine Patients V4
Posted in Innovation at 14 October, 2020

One of the most common conditions clients are referred to me for is dragging or paw knuckling. As we know there can be several causes of paw knuckling or dragging: Arthritis, injury, Carpal flexural deformity, Intervertebral disc disease ........

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Posted by Gillian Shippen, Director Pets Need A Life Too & HandicappedPets Australia

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