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Understanding patient behaviour to enhance safety in your veterinary practice

Understanding Patient Behaviour To Enhance Safety In Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Operations at 19 November, 2015

Safety in veterinary practice is our number one priority, for both ourselves, and our patients. There are many things we do every day to ensure everyone is safe. We put sharps in a sharps container, we dry wet floors immediately and we wear appropriate pr...

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Posted by Jodi McDonald, CCG

Phone calls are the lifeblood of your veterinary practice - did you miss the free webinar?

Phone Calls Are The Lifeblood Of Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Operations at 10 November, 2015

How well does your veterinary team members handle phone calls from potential clients? I just watched the recording of Dr Diederik Gelderman's recent webinar: Mystery Phone Shopping Calls to Consults and I found the information quite fascinating........

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Posted by Judy Gillespie

How 'Intelligent' is Inventory Management in your Veterinary Practice?

How Intelligent Is Inventory Management In Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Operations at 10 September, 2015

Inventory management is vital for any business. Did you know that it represents the second largest expense in veterinary practice? Care must be taken to ensure accurate products and stock are on hand as having the wrong inventory on hand, or ........

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Posted by Mark Hardwick, CCG/Provet

Jimmy Cooke - A veterinary acupuncture success story

Jimmy Cooke 1
Posted in Operations at 27 August, 2015

Jimmy Cooke enjoyed dog training and agility trials until he became lame. Cortisone injections weren't helping so his owner decided to try acupuncture and the rest of the story is as they say, history!...

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Posted by Dr Ulrike Wurth, Executive Director, ACVA

Clinic Cat of the Year - A successful promotion for Dermcare

Dermcare Clinic cat of the Year..Ernie
Posted in Operations at 30 July, 2015

Earlier in July I read about Dermcare's 'Clinic Cat of the Year' promotion and thought it was a brilliant idea so I contacted Dr Susan Dwyer, from Dermcare and asked her a few questions......

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Posted by Dr Susan Dwyer, Technical Veterinarian, Sales & Marketing Manager, Dermcare
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