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Why is the Vet Cookbook hosting writing workshops for the veterinary industry?

Writing A True Story Narrative Non Fiction Writing Workshop
Posted in Our Community at 21 August, 2021

When it comes to the mental wellbeing of veterinary team members, there are a range of excellent resources and programs available. However, we wanted to do something a little different, something that might generate a bit of "flow" (a positive psychology...

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Posted by Dr Anne Quain, Veterinarian, Blogger & Lecturer

Reporting Misadventures in Veterinary Medicine

Reporting Misadventures In Veterinary Medicine
Posted in Our Community at 19 August, 2021

We're all human, and mistakes will be made but it's how the mistakes are handled that matters. There is no question that mistakes occur in veterinary medicine; we are human after all. But what do we do when these errors or near misses occur? What protoco...

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Posted by Dr Emma McConnell, Director, Platinum CPD

Into focus with Dr Edith Hampson, Specialist Ophthalmologist

Into Focus With Dr Edith Hampson Specialist Ophthalmologist
Posted in Our Community at 19 August, 2021

'Eye' am sure many of you know this week's very talented (and downright wonderful) featured member of our VetPrac community, specialist ophthalmologist, Dr. Edith Hampson (BVSc PhD FANZCVS). Dr Hampson is an Adjunct Associate Professor at The School of V...

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Posted by Dr Edith Hampson & the VetPrac team

How Siri and Alexa are destroying your veterinary team's ability to think

How Siri And Alexa Are Destroying Your Veterinary Teams Ability To Think
Posted in Our Community at 19 August, 2021

before we had GPS, Ways, Google Maps and, "Hey, Siri", we only had paper maps and map books like 'Gregory's' and the 'Thomas Guide'. When you got your first car, it came with 'the bible', a religious artifact, one that lived in the glove compartment...

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice & Veterinary Business Academy

Why nutrition is my north-star as a veterinarian

Why Nutrition Is My North Star As A Veterinarian V2
Posted in Our Community at 23 July, 2021

I grew up in the country, and I've always had an interest in natural feeding because I saw that&s how all the animals were fed where I grew up, and I loved seeing how healthy and cared for they were. I'm an animal lover at heart, and the story goes that...

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Posted by Dr Matthew Muir
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