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8+ reasons why you should enrol in Small Animal Medicine Distance Learning

Sam Dl Sneek Peek And Blog
Posted in Our Community at 09 April, 2021

Get serious about your veterinary professional development in 2021 with the SAM DL Program - it brings a comprehensive, specialist designed and fully-online Medicine program to veterinarians all over the world....

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Posted by Rachel Olsen, Program Manager, Improve International

Vets Beyond Borders volunteers on standby for NSW flood emergency

Vbb Volunteers With The Awl Mobile Vet Truck Crop
Posted in Our Community at 23 March, 2021

The flooding emergency across NSW means that not only families are needing rescuing, but their beloved pets too. Australian animal welfare charity, Vets Beyond Borders (VBB), played a vital role in the deployment of veterinary volunteers in the Black Summ...

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Posted by Robert Leach, Programs Manager, Vets Beyond Borders

Women earn less than men in the veterinary industry - What are the solutions?

Women Earn Less Than Men In The Veterinary Industry What Are The Solutions
Posted in Our Community at 19 March, 2021

This week I shared a post on social media from a study in the US that found women veterinarians earned less than men 1. Women veterinarians earn less than men, study finds (Cornell Chronicle) Women veterinarians make less than their male counterparts,...

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Posted by The Vetanswers Community

All you vets care about is the money

All You Vets Care About Is The Money
Posted in Our Community at 24 February, 2021

Ouch! Just reading that line makes your blood boil, doesn't it? If you've been in clinical practice for any length of time it's likely that you would have heard this accusation, or some version of it, before. These kinds of comments tend to hit .........

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1 Comments   Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra

She's No Lady - She's the Vet!

Shes No Lady Shes The Vet Reduced
Posted in Our Community at 11 February, 2021

She's No Lady - She's the Vet!, Stories From 100 Years of Female Vets In Australia By Helen M. Jones, Robin Giesecke, Paula H. Jones Over 110 years ago, there were no practising female veterinarians. Veterinary practice was a man's field.......

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Posted by Helen M. Jones, Robin Giesecke, Paula H. Jones
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