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10 things to say (& 10 not to say) to a friend suffering mental health problems

10 Things To Say And 10 Things Not To Say To A Friend Suffering Mental Health Problems
Posted in Our Community at 05 October, 2018

You may have a friend, family member or veterinary colleague suffering from mental health issues. But knowing what to say to offer help and support can be a challenge. You don&t want to say the wrong thing or something that may make them feel even worse....

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Posted by Rosie Overfield

How do you move on and grow after leaving a long-term veterinary job?

How Do You Move On And Grow After Leaving A Long Term Veterinary Job
Posted in Our Community at 13 September, 2018

When you leave a long-term job because things no longer feel right - how do you move forward from the feelings of grief? How do you get back the motivation & spark? A difficult yet important question from a member of our Community......

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Posted by Anonymous

Australian Dog Lover - providing educational information for pet owners

Adl Logo Google Plus Profile 002
Posted in Our Community at 04 July, 2018

Where do your clients get their online pet information? Is it a reputable source? Have you heard of the Australian Dog Lover website and digital magazine? It's grown exponentially since its inception in October 2015 with over 845 articles on a wide range...

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Posted by Agnes Beugnon, Australian Dog Lover

Vet Oncologist Online Consultation Service - an interview with Dr Shasta Lynch

Vet Oncologist Blog
Posted in Our Community at 07 May, 2018

Find out more about how Vet Oncologist online service can help your veterinary practice. Last week we shared information about the Vet Oncologist and I thought it was such a great service that I wanted to find out more from the founder, Dr Shasta Lynch...

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Posted by Dr Shasta Lynch, Vet Oncologist Online Consultation Service

Australian Survey: veterinarians’ views of pet owners’ use of internet for pet health info

Veterinarians Views Of Pet Owners Use Of The Internet For Pet Health Information 2
Posted in Our Community at 19 April, 2018

Veterinarian living and practising in Australia? We need your help.. We are asking for Australian vets to help us learn more about the use of the internet by pet owners for pet health information by taking part in a 10 minute online survey...

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Posted by Dr Lori Kogan, Colorado State Unversity
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