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10 commandments for achieving exceptional client service

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Oct 17th 2019 - By Ingrid Moyle, Heart Harmony Communications
10 Commandments For Achieving Exceptional Client Service Red

It doesn’t matter if you are serving clients online or in a veterinary business, there are 10 things that go to making up exceptional client service.

Here are the 10 commandments your clients wish you would abide by. Feel free to pick up a chisel and a stone tablet at Bunnings to engrave them for your team.

1. Thou shalt not make me search for information

A large part of any business is providing information to clients. This information helps clients decide what to purchase or how to get the best out of the product or service. Don’t make information hard to find or hidden behind paywalls. Provide as much information as you can online and make it easy to locate.

2. Thou shalt tell me what I need to know (or do) in a timely way using a format I can understand

Not everyone wants information in the same way. Some clients want information in print form while others prefer digital. Some want information pushed to them, while others want to access the information at a time of their choosing. Find out your clients preferences and adjust your communication method accordingly.

3. Thou shalt deliver what you say you will – when you say you will do it

If you make a promise to a client, then you need to deliver on the promise. If you find you are missing the mark on your promises, then you need to rethink your business delivery model.

4. Thou shalt value me and my time

Your clients all have busy lives. Don’t waste their time with unnecessary waiting or stuffing around. One of the deepest human needs is to feel important and cared about and you can do that by valuing their time and by listening to their needs.

5. Thou shalt not make me fill in unnecessary paperwork

“I love filling in forms”, said no one ever. Minimise the number of fields or forms that people have to fill in, and pre-populate as much information as possible if you need to have a form completed.

6. Thou shalt give me integrated solutions not just your personal solutions

Clients hate having to make multiple visits and payments to different parts of a business. If you want to give exceptional service, talk to all the parts of your business and provide your clients with a seamless service.

7. Thou shalt give me choices and options that respect my needs

One size does not fit all. Understand the differing needs of your clients and create a variety of options that they can choose to create a solution that meets their needs.

8. Thou shalt make it easy for me to pay you and deliver value for money

Allow different ways for clients to pay for your services. The more convenient and easy you can make it through providing a variety of payment options, the better client experience they will have.

9. Thou shalt solve my problem the first time without passing me around, passing the buck or shifting the blame

If a client has a problem they generally don’t really care who is at fault – they just want it fixed. Have an effective complaints process that allows any problems or complaints to be handled promptly and clients kept fully informed of the outcomes.

10. Thou shalt make every conversation with me friendly and efficient

Building personal relationships starts with a smile. Make every conversation and face-to-face contact count. Keep it friendly and professional – delivered by a team that “knows their stuff”.

What do you think? Anything I've missed? Add your suggestions in the Comments section below.

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About Ingrid

Since 2003, Heart Harmony Communications have been helping small business owners build and grow their business online. In the early days of their business, they only offered web copywriting. However, they added small business web design after watching too many of their clients get ripped off by Brisbane web design companies who could talk a good talk but who created crap code that constantly broke (and who charged tens of thousands for the privilege while outsourcing their design work to India).

Ingrid believes that web design doesn’t have to be complex, mysterious or constantly broken. It can be delightful, effective and lasting when done right. She combines the best of neuro-psychology and online user experience to create websites that work! 

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lisa blair @ Oct 22nd 2019 7:27am
Thou shalt treat all people alike - internal team members, suppliers and service providers deserve to be treated with the same level of courtesy and respect as clients and patients. Don't have different standards internally and externally
Judy @ Oct 22nd 2019 3:34pm
Brilliant - thank Lisa! That's a very important addition as from a client's perspective, there's nothing worse than seeing a manager treat a staff member with a lack of respect and then being lovely and friendly to the client!
Ingrid Moyle @ Oct 22nd 2019 3:56pm
Fantastic addition Lisa. Treating everyone with courtesy and respect is vital in business if you want to keep long term relationships. Clients/patients watch how people treat their team members, and will vote with their feet if they see people being mistreated.

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