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3 Things I bet you didn't know about... Global Vet Solutions

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Jul 2nd 2020 - By Dr Claire Stevens, Global Vet Solutions
3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About

Global Vet Solutions: Grow your practice. Increase your profits. Create a dream team.

1. They are absolute experts at...

Global Vet Solutions are the absolute experts at teaching veterinarians how to run effective and enjoyable veterinary consultations.

Consultations are complex interpersonal interactions and it’s often hard to connect with clients, build trust and have them complying to your recommendations and returning for rechecks. GVS teach veterinary staff a range of practical tools, strategies and models to help them overcome client challenges and gain more fulfilment from clinical practice, better patient outcomes and happier clients. 

Click here to visit their website to find out how consultation and communication skills can improve your professional fulfilment, bond clients and improve business outcomes.

2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is....

Gobal Vet Solutions offers detailed and effective business training for veterinarians that also gets them CPD points! 

Founder Dr Claire Stevens was frustrated as a busy vet and practice owner, because she found most business training opportunities were not recognised as continuing education and didn't offer VetEd points. She set out to change this, creating a 5 week program covering consultation and communication skills for veterinarians that is available online, anywhere, anytime and rewards veterinarians not only with valuable and practical knowledge but also 15 Vet Ed points upon completion of the program. 

Effective Consultation and Communications Skills for Veterinarians is an online, fully comprehensive, science-backed, five module course created especially for veterinarians (and consulting nurses).

It includes:

• Over 100 pages of detailed written notes and diagrams

• A video series with Dr Claire Stevens

• 10 recorded webinars with Dr Claire Stevens

• Opportunities to interact with your tutor and participants online

• An assessment to test your knowledge and understanding

• Lifelong access to our Facebook group for Q&A, discussions, debate and sharing of consultation tips and strategies

3. They can make your life easier by....

If you're a new graduate, you'll find Global Vet Solutions online CPD courses makes your life easier by fast tracking your veterinary consulting skills, so you can start building a loyal following of clients in your first workplace.

If you're an experienced vet, their program will make your life easier as you learn how to critique your consulting style, identify what's working for you and what bad habits you've developed over the years. Throughout the 5 week program you'll shape your consulting style into one that is more effective for better business and patient outcomes.

If you're a practice owner, you'll see an increase in client satisfaction, recheck appointments and compliance as your team of veterinarians learn how to master the art of consulting. Practices that have participated in the GVS training have reported an uplift in vet productivity and performance in the consult room after completion of the 5 week course. 

Participants in GVS' Effective Consultation and Communications Skills for Veterinarians Course will learn how to: 

• Connect with all people, even the difficult ones

• Structure your consultations so they flow

• Deal with aggressive clients

• Have difficult conversations and break bad news

• Be empathetic towards individual differences and be sensitive to people’s values, ideas and beliefs

• Get feedback, give feedback and develop emotional intelligence

• Deal with lists of problems that never end

• Read your client’s mind, you’ll be surprised most of them are thinking the same thing

• Deliver complex medical information simply without overwhelming your client

• Get people to return for rechecks and actually comply with your recommendations

• Find strength in the hard times and learn new ways to have purpose, passion and fulfilment in your role

Click here to visit the Global Vet Solutions Page in the Vetanswers Business Directory


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