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3 Things I bet you didn't know about... SpectraVET

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Feb 7th 2019 - By Heidi Richardson, Sales and Education, SpectraVET
3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About

SpectraVET Therapeutic Lasers offer reliable, effective and affordable treatment of musculoskeletal injuries & conditions commonly suffered by performance animals, pets and wildlife alike.

1. They are absolute experts at.....

SpectraVET are absolute experts at Photobiomodulation…. We study it, use it, live it and breathe it. We have hundreds of research papers in our database, access to world leaders in photobiomodulation, are constantly striving to educate ourselves, and our clients, on evidence-based clinical applications of laser therapy including enhancement of wound healing, side-effect-free reduction of inflammation, rapid and lasting pain attenuation and tissue repair.  

For any condition or injury that we don’t already have a protocol for we will evaluate the current research, parameters and dosage and come up with a protocol to use and then pass that knowledge onto our clients.  

Our director Peter A Jenkins (MBA) writes for the Laser Annals and has co-authored papers on device design, tissue optics and coherency. He is also an Executive Director on the Board of Immunophotonics Inc., a cancer research company.

Our Southern Hemisphere manager Heidi Richardson has 22yrs experience as a Laser therapist, a B.App Sci (Medical Imaging) and runs our Laser Therapy Study Days.  

SpectraVET is not just a company, for us, it is a lifelong passion!

2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is....

SpectraVET lasers are low on unnecessary bells and whistles, incorporating only those features and functions that contribute directly to optimal outcomes and offer an excellent return on investment.

Our products are created using the highest-quality electronic and light emitting components, machines and anodized aluminium probe parts and extruded aluminium enclosures.  We pride ourselves on building our products the good old fashioned way too; individually and by hand.

We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our product that we offer a massive 5 year product warranty and a lifetime warranty on our laser diodes.

3. They can make your life easier by....

SpectraVET can make your life easier by providing you with the education and SpectraVET equipment to successfully utilize Laser Phototherapy to its optimal potential.  

Adding a SpectraVET Laser to your practice will enhance your existing techniques/procedures and give you added benefits with wound healing, pain attenuation and inflammation.  And we are right there every step of the way supporting you and encouraging you to use this wonderful modality.

Like to know more about SpectraVET?

You can click here to visit the SpectraVET Page in the Vetanswers Business Directory.

Laser Therapy Study Days

The SpectraVET Laser Therapy Study Days are run in locations around Australia throughout the year. They offer a great opportunity for practitioners who want a deeper understanding and more practical use of their lasers, or for therapists/vets who want a more scientific understanding of Laser Therapy so that they are better able to advise their clients on this modality, or in the future use this modality to expand their business. 

If you have any questions as to how SpectraVET could help add revenue to your veterinary practice, ask Heidi in the Comments section below...


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