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3 Things I bet you didn't know about... Top 10 Pet Insurance

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ May 9th 2017 - By Mitch, Top 10 Pet Insurance
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Top 10 Pet Insurance - The only side-by-side price and benefit comparison of every Australian pet insurance plan.

1. They are absolute experts at.....

Providing pet owners with the facts about pet insurance. 

Pet insurance can be an extremely valuable tool to ensure that pet owners are able to provide quality medical care to their pet without delivering a shock to their wallet. 

At the core, it’s a solid product that provides many pet owners with peace of mind, predictable costs, and sometimes substantial savings.

However, there are now more than 70 pet insurance products available in the Australian market (with still more debuting soon), making it incredibly hard for pet owners to decipher which plans offer the best value and fit for their needs.

In fact, the industry sometimes creates this confusion to sell people products that they don’t need or to earn commissions that are substantially higher than those charged by other brands.

For example, while there two dozen pet insurance brands, the insurance underwriting and administration for all of them is provided by just two companies – Allianz (PetPlan and Guide Dogs) and Hollard/PetSure (RSPCA, Woolworths, Medibank, and everyone else.) 

While there are some modest differences in the benefits and coverage levels, the main driver of price differences is commissions.  We call out which plans charge sky-high commissions that can be as much as 50% of premiums.  Why pay so much more for the same coverage?

2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is....

We provide an independent review of every pet insurance brand and are the only Web site that provides price and coverage comparisons across every insurance brand – not just those that pay us to do so.

We are not owned by a pet insurance company, nor do we get compensated for selling leads to pet insurance companies.  We try our very best to provide clear, independent and objective information to consumers.

If a consumer purchases a plan from one of our advertisers, we do earn a referral fee.  Our current advertisers are Woolworths and Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, which are the two brands which charge consumers the lowest commission rates in the industry (and thus often have the lowest premiums.)  We disclose that we are paid by these advertisers on every single page of the site, and unfortunately those payments are a long way away from enabling us to quit our day jobs!

3. They can make your life easier by....

Helping your clients research pet insurance and choose the plan that’s the best fit for them.

We regularly compare the coverage and price of insuring the same pet across all 24 pet insurance brands.  The difference between the least expensive and most expensive plans is more than $400 per year, despite only small differences in coverage and benefits!

You can view our pet insurance comparison table at  It’s a great resource to add to your Web site and social media accounts!

Any questions for Mitch? Ask them in the Comments section below...

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Darren @ May 15th 2017 10:33am
It concerns me that a site that openly states it is paid a commission by insurance companies is featured on your blog. The writers of TOP10 go to further explain that Woolworths is an advertise. Not surprising it reaches number one on the list. Petplan, who are one of the most expensive are strangely given only 2 stars whereas PetInsurance with higher premiums, lower percentage of the bill covered (80%) but no excess is given 4 stars. Not only does the site lack transparency as to the way the rating were derived, it actively discourages owners from going to after-hours facilities because 'they cost twice as much'? Compared to what? Most of the cases that end up in emergency hospitals are complex. Pets with life-threatening conditions dealt with whilst the client's usual veterinarian is getting some well-earned rest. I am concerned I have heard this diatribe before - directly from an insurance company - how 'independent' this site is, is very questionable.
Judy @ May 15th 2017 2:32pm
Thanks for your comments Darren, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I agree that transparency is a very important component for a website that offers comparisons of products/services and you've raised some valid questions. I'll let Mitch from 'Top 10 Pet Insurance' know of your comment so he has the opportunity to address your concerns.

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