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3 Things I bet you didn't know about... Veterinary Growth Partners

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Sep 10th 2020 - By Tracy Kamens, Head Practice Coach, Veterinary Growth Partners
3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About

VGP are a veterinary buying group with a difference!


1. They are absolute experts at.....

The team at Veterinary Growth Partners (VGP) are the absolute experts at listening to what a practice wants and needs. We know that all vet practices are different and that they join buying groups for different reasons.

Our main goal is to listen, understand and find the best way to save your practice time, money and to improve the overall happiness of you and your team - without adding to your already very long to do list.

We already have a range of tried and true processes to acheive business growth that we then customise for each practice. Or if you just want to have more buying power, that’s all good with us too. 

2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is....

The one thing that makes us different from other buying groups is that we are FREE. 

Visit our website and read our FAQ’s you'll see that there is no catch, no gimmicks and we don’t “skim”, we simply have a different operating model than other groups. We don’t have a marketing or sales department or even an office so we can keep our overheads incredibly low.

What we do have however, is three very dedicated and enthusiastic veterinary professionals with over 70 years combined experience within the veterinary industry that we love to share with our members. VGP also offers a members-only comprehensive, digital library with hundreds of documents, business templates and videos.

We also offer our members a very unique offering to help them manage and improve the mental wellness of their team by signing up to AccessEAP - a nonprofit employee assistance program with the aim to support businesses create mentally healthy and thriving workplaces.

Of course, just like the other buying groups we also offer all the other “normal” perks which you can also see listed on our website

3. They can make your life easier by....

When you join VGP we can make your life easier because we understand what you're going through. Every member in our team has worked their entire lives in the veterinary industry and between us there isn’t a role we haven’t filled. This experience gives us an empathy for your worries, frustrations and the challenges you face every day.

Along with that empathy comes the commitment and enthusiasm to share not only our experiences and skills, but also the tools and resources we have gained by spending time working with practices and not in them.

The VGP team is also constantly engaged in continuing our own education and enhancing our skills in leadership, communication, problem solving and business development. We translate that knowledge into workable solutions and bite sized information that we can then share when you want and need it most, delivered in a practical and easy to apply format.



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