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3 Things I bet you didn't know about... VETtalk tv

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ May 23rd 2019 - By Kaye Browne, Co-Producer VETtalktv
3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About

VETtalk tv offer personalised video & audio communications solutions for your veterinary business - whether online, on-hold, via email or in person!

1. They are absolute experts at…

VETtalk tv are experts at creating compelling video stories about what really happens when a pet is taken ‘Out The Back’ which show veterinary professionals at work demonstrating the care and skills they use to try to improve the health of every pet they treat.

Most pet owners will never get to see ‘Out The Back’ and it’s human nature to fear the unknown so VETtalk stories are designed to take the fear-factor away, encourage increased vet visits and the benefits and cost savings of early intervention for suspected problems.

There are often two versions of each VETtalk video with the ‘pet owner’ version leaving out anything that might be considered too graphic or gross while the Veterinary Professional videos provide a front row seat to specialist surgeries and a wide variety of procedures and seminars.  

All videos are ‘vet-checked and approved’ before being posted online and viewed for free anytime on any computer or mobile device.

Their VETtalk podcast updates tackle timely topics with veterinary experts in a format that’s like a friendly, informative talkback radio program… without ads...


2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is...

VETtalk tv  are the only video/audio Production Company in Australia exclusively servicing the veterinary industry, they understand it and they’ve made it their mission to create videos and podcasts which…

a) help pet owners see first-hand the extraordinary value their vet provides, often in difficult circumstances;

b) provide a resource which Vets can show to clients in their clinic or ‘share’ with a link the practice’s own newsletters or blogs; and

c) enable Vets, Vet technicians and Undergraduates to see the latest in specialist procedures which they might otherwise never have known are now available.  


3. They can make your life easier by...

VETtalk tv can make your life easier by communicating on your behalf.  VETtalk producers are fluent in ‘vet-speak’ and can translate highly scientific terms and phrases into messages your clients will understand. 

They’re able to create a short video to provide a virtual tour of your Veterinary business to prospective clients…

Here are two examples:

The Animal Referral Hospital:

Gordon Vet:

And through their bespoke Pets On Hold phone message service they can make callers’ time spent on hold less painful by discreetly upselling your services or products (To find out more click here: )

They can also teach reception staff how to improve their vocal skills, both on the phone and in person to communicate with clients more effectively via a one on one or group session called ‘Speak Better Fast in 7 Easy Steps!’

Click here to find out more...visit the VETtalk tv Page in the Vetanswers Business Directory



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