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3 Things I bet you didn't know about.... VetX Thrive

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Apr 4th 2018 - By Dr Dave Nicol, VetX
3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About Vetx Graduate

VetX: Thrive is a 12 mth online program that combines teaching, mentoring & peer networking

1.They are absolute experts at.....  

VetX: Thrive are the absolute experts in helping vets deal with all the tough shit that happens when you are a vet in practice, but no-one at University has time to teach you.

Stuff like dealing with imposter syndrome. Stuff like, how to deal with mean clients so they like you. Stuff like, how to structure your exam room exams so clients say yes to your treatment recommendations and not worry about money so much. Stuff like, how to pay off your student debt and afford a home one day. 

2.The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is....

VetX: Thrive is the only global veterinary community with training from vets who are global experts in their field, access to one to one and group mentoring, and a worldwide network for support and help during the good and challenging times.

VetX: Thrive is a unique global family of vets who want to learn how to have an amazing, rewarding and fun career. And it’s taught exclusively by leaders who have figured this out.  

3.They can make your life easier by....

VetX: Thrive can make your life easier by helping you to learn how to thrive as a vet the easy way – by learning from people who did it the hard way and figured a lot out. It also means you have an independent mentor available to ask for guidance and help from outside your practice. You literally have on tap a family of vets, mentors and tutors who can help you to overcome your challenges and accelerate your career. Whatever direction that takes.

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