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3 things I bet you didn't know about...Heart Harmony Communications

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Jul 4th 2019 - By Ingrid Cliff, Chief Web Wizard, Heart Harmony Communications
3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About


Heart Harmony Communications ... we get you online without the overwhelm.

Need a new website for your practice? Heart Harmony Communications can help!

1. They are absolute experts at...

… Creating websites that not only look brilliant, they turn lookers into clients through compelling words and user friendly design.

We understand that writing about your practice is hard. You love your practice and most days love being a vet, but somehow sharing that passion comes across as clunky, boring or sleazy.

That’s where we come in. We create your website to show clients how amazing your practice really is.

For you, it will feel like your practice on a great hair, killer eye-liner (if that’s your thing) and rocking your fabulous outfit sort of day. A day when no anal gland clearing is on your calendar and every pooch is purely there for their annual needles and check-ups and leave happily wagging after a liver treat. It’s a day when you actually get to eat lunch and have a hot cup of coffee without the phone ringing.

For your client it will feel like your practice team not only are superbly skilled and know their stuff, they intensely care and love for every animal as if they were their own. Your clients will crave to have their beloved pet to be nurtured and looked after by your practice.

Every practice deserves those sorts of feelings from their website!

2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is...

… We use evidence-based approaches with our work. Our founder uses her psychology degree and 20 years in as a senior practitioner in human resources to communicate with people in a way that people “get”, and which delivers results. 

3. They can make your life easier by...

...getting you online without the overwhelm. Just a quick chat on the phone and our team will write all your website words for you and create your website in weeks (not months) – no hassles or mucking around.

Click here to visit the Heart Harmony Communications Page in the Vetanswers Business Directory


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