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3 things I bet you didn't know about...High Performance Vets

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Aug 29th 2014 - By Dr Natasha Wilks, High Performance Vets
High Performance Vets 3 Things Post

Helping veterinarians accelerate their career success and increase their well-being

1.   Natasha is an expert at…..  

Problem solving and strategy.  I notice patterns of behaviour and can identify problems or issues that are affecting performance whether it is  mindset, client communication or charging related.

There is no point trying to change a behaviour if you don’t find what the underlying issue is in the first place.  You won’t have long term change otherwise.

Whether I am working with an individual veterinarian on improving their client communication skills and income or with a mobile practice on improving their turnover, it usually all comes down to finding out the exact issues that are limiting their performance and creating a tailored strategy to help them reach their goals.

I have learned to become very strategic and process focussed.  I don’t like complicated as it never gets implemented.  Veterinarians are busy and they lack time, so I work on simplifying everything into its core steps or foundations.  That way, people know where they are going and the steps they need to take.  Plus it is easier to know where they are in the process if they become lost or overwhelmed.

All my training, coaching/consulting programs and online courses are developed this way.

For example, when working with my mobile veterinary practice clients, they spend the first few months working on projects and around the 6 month mark, suddenly it all comes together and they have a system and strategy to improve the flow of their business and therefore their income.

2.   The one thing that makes her different from her competitors is…. 

I mainly work with associate veterinarians and mobile veterinary practices.  We work together on improving more than performance though.  We work together to identify what beliefs, attitudes and mindset are underlying the reduced performance or frustrations they may be experiencing.  It is so rewarding for me to watch my clients achieve after this.

There  are many practice management courses and conferences which are fantastic for practice owners and managers to attend.  The associates are expected to implement what is learned but they haven’t been trained in these areas, which is where I help as well.

I have a speciality in Social + Emotional Intelligence training and coaching which are the very critical ‘soft skills’ vital for success in practice.  I also am building knowledge and skills in Positive Psychology which is strengths based training.

3.   Natasha can make your life easier by…. 

Helping you to identify and determine what exactly you want from your career and your life and recognise that this will and does change as your life changes.

I also am very passionate about stress reduction in practice and using social + emotional intelligence and positive psychology plus my coach training to help veterinarians become more resilient when dealing with stress which is endemic in our profession.

A lot of problems that veterinarians have are not unique.  Other people have them but it’s not something everyone talks about.  When working together, so many people have been relieved to know that others had the same issue and were able to solve it which gives people hope in times of self doubt and personal crisis.

If you have any questions about High Performance Vets and how Natasha can help you - why not ask her in the comments section below?

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