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3 Things I bet you didn't know about...Knose Everyday Pet Care

Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know @ Sep 19th 2017 - By Nathan Harris, Veterinary Business Development
Knose Everyday Pet Care Blog

Knose offers fully customizable & managed monthly Pet Plans for vets to offer to their clients.

You set the protocols & prices.You do the vet work, they do the rest!

1. They are absolute experts at.....

Knose are the experts at creating and managing Pet Health Subscription plans for vets, to offer their services to clients, in affordable monthly instalments. This gives the vet cash flow & financial certainty, increased revenue, client loyalty and greater business valuation, while giving the client fantastic service, preventatives shipped to their door in single doses when they are due and great value veterinary services throughout the year.

Clients keep coming back to you and you provide them with everything their pet requires to stay healthy. They don’t need to go anywhere else for their pet care needs.

2. The one thing that makes them different from their competitors is....

Knose Everyday Pet Care Plans are completely customizable, as every vet is different and you know what your clients want and what they don’t need. We know one size definitely doesn’t fit all!

Knose provides a state of the art platform that is stand alone and mobile responsive for vets and their clients, they help with marketing, training, set up as well as all the back-end administration, logistics, banking, e-commerce and reporting.

The Pet Care Plans also offer great value because unlike other comparable plans where clients still have to pay for the product, the cost of your recommended preventatives is included and shipped to your client's door in single doses when they are due. Along with the veterinary services & other member rewards you want to include, the plans offer complete preventative care and 100% compliance within your practice.

You set the protocol, inclusions & pricing and do the vet work, they do the rest.

3. They can make your life easier by....

Knose can make your life easier by taking away the pain of administration, finances and technology while bringing back sales revenue lost to online and retail.

You are giving the advice so you should be participating in the sale.

They give you the ability to offer great value packages to your clients while retaining your margins and do all the admin and shipping to give your clients what they need conveniently & economically.

This self-funding subscription is paid for out of new revenue created, and even allows you to make money while you sleep! All you do is recommend your plans to your clients, provide the vet services and bank the money every month.

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