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Are you asking the right questions?....Check out some alternatives to find out

Posted in Management @ Jul 19th 2022 - By Tracy Kamens, Senior Practice Advisor, Vettr
Are You Asking The Right Questions

Performance reviews can help you to invest in and retain the right people but can always be improved with reviewing and tweaking....

Firstly, congratulations on already having a Performance Management Process set up and running and I'm sure you're already seeing the benefits.

As we know, performance management processes, including individual reviews, have the potential to foster the growth, development, and engagement of your people. We also know that when done well, reviews can help you to invest in and retain the right people. But like all other systems and processes, they can also be improved with some reviewing and tweaking over time.In this post, we're focusing on improving and further developing the questions you may want to ask throughout your process.

Focus areas & questions

The challenge for all of the areas in which you might want to focus on in your performance review process is to make them short enough so they're achieveable - yet useful enough so that both you and your team members can see a tangible benefit from the time spent.  

Set specific goals for each quarter with the aim to reach yearly practice targets 

  • Team Efficiencies – what can we do better? 
  • Client spend – do we want to see them more often or to take up more of our services?
  • Pet Compliance – how aligned are they with our key recommendations for each life stage? 

Staff retention strategies 

  • Discuss how to ensure wellness standards: lunch breaks, record and abide by a maximum number of hours per week for all roles 
  • Review induction/training process. Does the employee feel their individual goals have been supported? 
  • Review their involvement in well-being activities and/or training 

Team member growth acceleration 

  • How can you accelerate the growth of your team member?  
  • Set proactive targets and discuss the individual strengths you see in that person 
  • Create individual development plans that include set time frames for follow-up conversations 
  • Clearly identify what ‘success’ looks like for each of the goals and the individual team member  
  • Collaboratively agree on how to celebrate individual wins 
  • Discuss future career path options

Transparent, consistent, and objective way to determine wage increases 

  • Separate this conversation from other review conversations    
  • Create set objective criteria based on 3 measures:  1. Practice profitability 2. Technical skills and reaching individual goals & 3. Teamwork/behaviour/value alignment   
  • Schedule regular updates with your employees so there is no surprise when discussing what the outcome of the wage conversation will be 
  • Set skills and behaviours for each level within a role and associated wage range 

Increase performance on all levels 

  • Question, understand and measure what drives individual, role, team, and practice performance 
  • Identify skill gaps within individuals, roles, teams, and the entire practice 
  • Discuss a 12-month training, meeting and review program with set themes and agendas to decrease the gaps 

When working with Vettr Members, we have found that by being more targeted and doing some homework before undertaking the review process, they have been able to systematically work through the topics listed above to focus on and monitor improvements for particular areas. This in turn leads to measurable successes and a team that understands the purpose of your ‘chats’. 

Need some help?

If you have any questions about the information above, or you don't think you have the time (or expertise) to do it successfully, then now is a great time to consider joining Vettr. You'll not only benefit financially from our rebates BUT you'll also have unlimited access to our Business Coaches who will guide and support you through this process. 

Maybe now is the time to think about joining us - you can find out more here. Or save even more time and click HERE to schedule a call and we can talk about all the ways we can help you and your practice. 



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