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Atopic dermatitis in the dog – is treating the itch enough?

Posted in Case Studies @ Dec 9th 2021 - By Sue Paterson, Veterinary Director Virtual Vet Derms Ltd for Improve International
Atopic Dermatitis In The Dog Is Treating The Itch Enough

As our knowledge of canine atopic dermatitis has changed, so should our approach to managing these cases

Canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) is a disease that has been recognised by veterinary dermatologists for almost a century. The first paper to suggest that eczema in the dog was an allergy was published in 1933 (Schnelle, 1933). In their first edition of Veterinary Clinical Immunology in 1989, Gorman and Halliwell defined canine atopic dermatitis (referred to at the time as atopy) as an inherited predisposition to develop IgE antibodies to environmental allergens resulting in allergic disease (Gorman and Halliwell, 1989).

Canine atopic dermatitis is a complex disease caused by an interaction between genetic and environmental factors

As our knowledge of the pathogenesis of the disease has increased since that time, the definition of CAD has evolved. A recent excellent review article by Marsella described CAD as a common genetically inherited clinical syndrome that encompasses a diversity of mechanisms and can have a variety of triggers. Development of clinical disease is the result of genetic factors and environmental conditions which shape the resulting immune response (Marsella, 2021).

Atopic dermatitis in the dog – is treating the itch enough?  Read more here:

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Sue Paterson, MA, VetMB, DVD, DipECVD, FRCVS, is the veterinary director of Virtual Vet Derms Ltd, a veterinary telemedicine advisory service. She has written seven veterinary dermatology text books and more than 90 refereed publications. She has lectured globally.




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