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Christmas Wishes and Dreams for 2013

Posted in Our Community @ Dec 24th 2012 8:22am - By Judy Gillespie
Mystery Holiday


Guess where I am? (See picture to the right.)

I’m somewhere that is beautiful but has unbelievably bad internet reception – two bars if I’m lucky & even that comes and goes.  It reminds of the bad ‘ole days of dial up and waiting 30 seconds for web pages to open! 

So here I am attempting to get some loose ends tied up before really shutting down over Christmas whilst trying to work around dodgy internet.  It’s a challenge, but luckily I love a good challenge ;-)

So this final newsletter for 2012 is going to be a bit different.

Firstly it’s a thank you to those that have supported Vetanswers during 2012.  :)

2012 has been an interesting year.  A year where some things have worked really well and I met some great people.  Some I met in the interesting world of social media and some in the old fashioned face-to-face kind of way.   But no matter where or how I’ve met them, and whether they live in Australia, Canada or the UK they have all brought something interesting and fun to the Vetanswers world.

2012 has also been a year where some things have worked not so well.  Failures are always disappointing and can be soul destroying if you let them but if you really believe in what you do then they’re a sign that you need to do things differently. 

I’ve come away on holidays knowing that an organisation with a far larger bank balance is starting up a Business Directory in direct competition to mine.  Interestingly the product they have developed has some amazing similarities to mine – hmm – coincidence or not?

So I’m ending 2012 knowing I can’t compete with their marketing budget or the size of their client database but I do know that the whole idea behind Vetanswers is much, much more than just a Business Directory.  Vetanswers is an online community with FREE resources, information and support to help you manage and work in your businesses more successfully. 

So my aim for 2013 is to work out some strategies to promote and build our community. I certainly can’t match the marketing budget or the database of my new competitor but I do have a really clear vision of Vetanswers and how it can be a great source of resources and support for our community.

I hope you’ve found some of the resources, links and information published during 2012 useful.  There are so many more in the pipeline (and my brain!) that I would love to develop and make available to you in 2013.

Even though several people have told me I’m crazy, I’ve always been determined to provide Vetanswers as a FREE community and source of resources.   My aim has always been to provide such a great product that businesses involved with the veterinary industry would want to be an active part of (that’s a nice way of saying they’d want to pay!). 

Here’s where I put the hard word on you :)

As I’ve already mentioned I can’t match the marketing budget of my competitors but I do have over 400 Vetanswers members (that’s you!).  If you could spread the Vetanswers word to your friends, colleagues and suppliers that would be a huge help and support to the future of Vetanswers.  The more members Vetanswers has, the more attractive it is to suppliers of the veterinary industry and the more attractive it is for them to want to support financially via the Business Directory, sponsoring resources, newsletters, webinars, etc.  The more sponsors I can attract the more resources I can then develop – which will of course then be available for FREE to our community (that’s you!).  

So onwards & upwards to meet the challenges of 2013 :)

I’d love to hear any ideas you have regarding Vetanswers and how we can help you – please add your comments and ideas to the comments section.








PS. This is the view of my mystery holiday spot today - thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Evan :(        


Amber Avines @ Dec 24th 2012 3:11pm
Kudos on keeping true to your vision, Judy! What you're doing is content marketing at its best. Keep up the great work in 2013!
Judy @ Jan 10th 2013 5:41pm
Thanks Amber - I really appreciate your feeedback. It's not always easy to stick to your vision!

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