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Posted in Innovation @ Aug 6th 2020 - By Dr. Jessica Bracken, Co-Founder, Clever Vet
Clever Vet Creating The Veterinary Employment Site

My experience in the veterinary industry isn’t a unique one. 

I developed burnout after only 3 years working as a veterinarian, but at the time I didn't realise I was burnt out. Instead, I just thought I had insomnia, headaches, sciatica, crippling back pain from muscle spasms, IBS, panic attacks and cried constantly for no reason because of 'normal stress'. That's a totally normal stress level, right? Hubby was worried and pushed me to take a break. 

After the 3rd job, I was pretty sure that the problem was me. I was seeing a pattern, and surely the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

I decided to leave the industry to focus on my mental health and to try to get some life experience outside of veterinary medicine. I felt my entire identity was consumed by being a vet, which was pretty reasonable as I had been working in the industry since I was 15 years old. If I wasn't a vet, then who was I?

I tried to start a few non-vet businesses and all failed because I got in my own way - Imposter Syndrome is no joke. I worked in retail and discovered a fascination with marketing psychology and human behaviour I didn’t know I had. I worked as a backpacker out in the West Australian wheatbelt where there was so little light pollution, we could see the planets, Milky Way and the ISS flyover. And hubby let me have chickens! I was in introvert heaven!

After a couple years, when I was finally ready to start looking to get back into the industry, I became so FRUSTRATED using the available employment services because they make all vet and vet nurse jobs look and sound exactly the same. Now that I knew myself a bit better, I realised I had previously chosen clinics that were a bad fit for me, and I was a bad fit for them. I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

I taught myself basic coding and built nerdy websites in my bedroom as a teenager that were not far from the current employment site standard, so I was disappointed with the lack of innovation.

Why had these employment sites not changed anything since the internet was invented? 

I could immediately see that the available online employment services greatly overcharged clinics for basic ads that were a copy and paste job. They didn't encourage clinics to provide any information job seekers actually cared about, actively hid contact information so you had to pay again to be connected with people interested in your ad, and relied on job seekers already knowing about their site to fill ads. It's 2020, you don't pay to add friends on Facebook!?

So I designed CleverVet, the employment site I wish I had in vet school, and in the process found something I absolutely loved doing.

But I hit lots of roadblocks.

What I didn’t realise at the time was how many other veterinary employment sites were already out there! The more sites I found that offered nothing special, and didn’t invest the profits back into the industry, the more determined I was to make CleverVet work for everyone. What the industry doesn’t seem to realise is that the more employment sites there are, the more fractured the industry is, meaning you're less likely to fill ads! How do you expect people to see the ads if they don’t even know the website hosting them exists? No surprise then that the ads stay up for months, and unfortunately for some, even years. That's a lot of wasted money, stressed managers and frustrated employees.

Now the employment crisis makes a bit more sense to me.

Job seekers are unable to make informed employment decisions that best suit their unique career path, then they burn out and leave, while clinics are stressed trying to find staff and end up hiring the wrong fit that further burns out their staff.

It's a revolving door. If the pattern persists, many leave the industry altogether, further shallowing the pool of candidates. was designed so modern employers can easily stand out from the crowd using metrics job seekers actually care about, and talented employees can make clever employment decisions that best suit them (see what I did there?). 

Oh, and it’s free to use.

You don’t even need an account to view and contact ads because CleverVet is an employment tool designed to help everyone find the best match.

I could list all the ways which is better, but honestly, you'll understand once you visit the site. 

My hope is that everyone who uses the site feels clever. We're all highly skilled medical professionals, after all.  Finding the job should be the easy part.

Click HERE to visit the CleverVet website and see for yourself what makes it so different!


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