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Comfort Zone 'exit stage right!' Welcome VetShare Ltd

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Jan 29th 2012 8:33pm - By Paul Rennie

It was the American comedian Stephen Wright that said that when you lean back on a chair just to where it will fall backwards … there is a point that is very uncomfortable (wobbly)… well he felt like that all the time, he said.

That’s exactly the feeling I had when I was jolted out of my comfort zone as the general manager of a major veterinary wholesaler.  After the “restructure” I had a choice to make: either stay on at a lesser position or accept a redundancy offer. What a choice? What to do? … Good-bye comfort zone, hello wobbly chair.

To describe how VetShare Ltd came to be created would look like a mini “War and Peace “ novel however I will try to keep it brief.

I suspect like most employees we dream (delude in some cases) that we should get all our like-minded people together and do our own business … sure that would work, no risk! The reality is of course it never really happens, it’s too damned hard.

The reality is that there are many barriers to setting up a business …the main one is of course making the jump or being “helped out” of the comfort zone.  Once you arrive on the wobbly chair, it’s amazing how the universe turns around to guide your path.  Yes, I would have been skeptical as well … sitting in the comfort zone. However, it does happen and is happening.

VetShare is the result of like-minded industry colleagues that have shared the dream of working in and owning a share of their own business … creating something from nothing has been the most exciting and scary thing our crew has ever done … risking money and security … its great to be alive.

VetShare also owes its creation to the support from key pharmaceutical and nutrition manufacturers and Veterinarians in small and large clinics around Australia. People that liked the idea of being able to have a share in an Australian Veterinary Owned wholesaler that they can buy from together with a connection (relationship) to the people involved … a simply philosophy and an unique opportunity.

To find out more about VetShare Ltd you can download our prospectus at or simply email myself at or call me on 0427611611.

Or contact our “non-wobbly” Chairman - Mark Ethell on or mobile 0413749797



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