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Create awesome social media images to inspire your veterinary clients

Posted in Operations @ Jul 2nd 2015 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Even You Can Use This Super Simple Social Media Design Tool Pablo

Love the look of great images with interesting quotes on social media but don't believe you have the skills to design them?

Well now you do! “Create engaging social media images in under 30 seconds”

People love inspirational, fun or interesting quotes and if you catch someone’s interest on social media they are far more likely to listen to what you have to say AND share the link with their friends. And let’s face it - engagement is what it’s all about!

However the challenge has often been to find the right quotes with the right image to engage your audience – especially if you don’t think you have any graphic design skills or much time.

Which is why I was pretty excited to come across this amazing FREE resource called ‘Pablo by Buffer'.

You don’t have to sign in, you don’t need any graphic design skills and it’s free!

Although I use Canva for most of my graphic design which is awesome and also free, I think Pablo has some benefits especially if you have absolutely no graphic design experience and limited time.  I could probably design better images using Canva but I know they would take me much more time ..

So I thought I’d test out Pablo. 

I recently published a blog post: From tweets to notes: 1st International Symposium for Veterinary Mental Health & Suicide Prevention and one of the statements from the day that really stuck in my head was….

“We need to keep the message about mental health going in perpetuity - it can never stop”

So I’ve been trying to think of a way that I can continue to use the information I collected from the Symposium and keep the message going.

Which is where Pablo comes into it.  Within about an hour I had made 10 images each with a statement from my blog post that I’ll be able to share on all the Vetanswers social media platforms and help to keep the message about mental health out there.

Tips and tricks for using Pablo

Keeping in mind I was making multiple images one after the other which may have caused some of the glitches:

  • There are limited layout options for text, for example you can only move text around in the text box and it can’t be centred or aligned to the right (I added in spaces in some of mine to achieve a different layout)
  • I used the ‘Secondary text’ option on each of my images as I needed to include the ‘Symposium’ details as well as a number for Lifeline and I often found it difficult to make changes to the secondary text as it kept changing the primary text. I often had to delete the secondary text completely and try adding it in again
  • There are limited options to change the text size – it really is designed for short quotes only
  • The colour options given for text are limited to: white, black, blue and orange but white seems to be the only colour that is legible on most of the images
  • No you’re not going mad – each time you refresh the page there are different images in the image selection panel so if you don’t like what you see refresh the page and you’ll see more images.  This is however annoying if you’re looking to use a favourite image!
  • Use your mouse to select the image and you'll find you can move it around to see different parts of the image
  • Test out the 'Normal', 'Blurred', 'Black & White' and 'Increased Contrast' options for each of the images you choose to see which will show up your quote the most effectively
  • Use the 'Advanced' option to add italics or modify the weight of your font with a choice of 'Light', 'Medium', or 'Bold' 
  • If you want to add your logo make sure it has a transparent background (Paint.NET is useful for removing backgrounds in images and logos, just make sure you save it as a .png file) and choose a size and location on the image that suits
  • BEWARE! If you accidently close the page you lose your image and will have to start all over again
  • Just to be on the safe side once you're happy with your image I‘d recommend using the ‘Download’ button to save it into a file on your computer

Now to publish your image

I tried clicking the ‘Share on Facebook’ but it wanted to post it on my personal FB Page and I couldn’t see any option to change it to my Business FB Page.  I then used the ‘Buffer’ button.  I have a paid account set up on Buffer so I then chose to post it on all my linked accounts on Buffer: Facebook Business page; Twitter; LinkedIn Business Page; Pinterest and Google+ Business Page.

The image looked awesome on all of my accounts except perhaps LinkedIn but then it's not the best platform for sharing images anyway.

The only thing I would like to change is to somehow add a hyperlink so my audience can find out more information on the topic of my quote.

Some of my images...



So how could you use Pablo in your veterinary education and marketing?

Why not make some great images to share with important pet care information? You could use information from your own blog posts, educational resources or you're welcome to use information from any Vetanswers blog posts.

For example, in about 20 minutes I created six images to give you an idea of how they could be used (you're welcome to use any of them) although I did have to upload my own images.

You can visit they page where they live by clicking here: Dental care images to share with your veterinary clients




More tips and tricks....

Upload your own images if you want to use more animal themed posts but they’ll need to be about 600px wide – any larger and you’ll only get to see a part of your image. I used a basic program such as Paint.NET to resize my images so they were 600px wide and were then easier to work with.

You can use the same quote with different images e.g. dogs, cats, horses – or whatever your different client groups are. 

There's no reason why you can't re-use your quotes a couple of times in a year so it's a good idea to save them in an easy to access library or make use of online scheduling tools and schedule them all in advance.

Check out this very useful blog post to help get you started on Pablo. It includes a 30 second 'Quick Get-Started Demo' video and 10 fun ways to use Pablo: Engaging Social Media Images in 30 Seconds Flat: Introducing Pablo by Buffer

There's only one more thing left to say...

If you have any questions or comments about Pablo please ask them in the Comments section below.

Now it's your turn...give Pablo a try...


Michelle @ Aug 11th 2015 11:47am
Great article and information, thanks Judy

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