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Danger! Chocolate! Resources to share with veterinary clients over Easter

Posted in Client Service @ Apr 7th 2022 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Danger Chocolate Resources To Share With Veterinary Clients Over Easter

Easter is a great time to connect with and educate your veterinary clients...

Over the years I've collected some great resources to share on social media that will help you connect, educate and inform your clients.

Safety First!

You may be surprised at how many of your clients are still not aware of the dangers of chocolate to their pets. There is going to be lots of chocolate around over the next few days and let’s face it, for many the chocolate fiesta has already started!

I've shared a number of the posts below on the Vetanswers Facebook Page and they've been incredibly popular. It could be a good idea to schedule these a couple of days apart and during different times over the next week or so to try and get the message seen by as many of your followers as possible.

Click on the image to download the best quality image I have and add them to your social media Pages over the Easter period.

1. 5 Easter Pet Safety Tips: Avoid an Emergency! (Our Pets Health Blog Post)

This is a great blog post from Dr Alex Avery (Our Pets Health) that includes a very detailed Chocolate Poisoning Calculator that takes into account the varying types of chocolate e.g. standard dark (35% cocoa) right up to dark (70% cocoa) - see image to the right.

Click here to visit the post....

2. The dangers of chocolate

Source: VetCheck

3. How much Chocolate can your dog eat before showing signs of toxicity?

Source: Brisbane Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Service Facebook Page 

4. Chocolate: a doggy danger

Grams conversion added to the original image to make it more useful for an Australian audience.

Source:  ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Website.


5. Chocolate Toxicity Meter to add to your website

This handy tool can be embedded directly on to your website by copying the source code from the website link below. It allows pet owners to add in their dog's weight in kilograms and the amount of chocolate eaten in grams.   

Source of the calculator:

But it's not all about danger - share some cute Easter images as well 



Click on each of the images above to download beautiful high res versions to share on social media and your website

Want more Easter Images?

Check out these Board on Pinterest: 

So what's your favourite place to find cute images for Easter? Share the links in the Comments section below.


Gillian Shippen @ Mar 24th 2016 8:06am
thank you for that
Gillian Shippen @ Apr 10th 2017 4:38pm
awesome - thank you!
Luke @ Apr 13th 2017 7:50am
Great article! The first infographic is from VetCheck - . Enjoy!
Judy @ Apr 13th 2017 12:26pm
Great! Thanks Luke, I've amended the post to include the VetCheck source information for the first table. Judy
Elisha de jonge @ Apr 6th 2020 2:05pm
Thanks for allowing us to share.
Judy @ Jul 8th 2020 1:49pm
No problems Elisha :)

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