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Dear Diary, Things haven't moved too quickly on the website upgrade front

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Oct 29th 2015 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Dear Diary I Need A New Website

So far this week I've managed to completely avoid facing up to reality

Dear Diary…My intention was to write fortnightly updates during my website upgrade journey but this week I was tempted to let it slide...

Why? Well otherwise I would have to admit that the fact I don't have much to discuss is all completely my fault.

Since my first diary entry (Dear Diary… I really need to upgrade my website on the 15/10/15) there has definitely been some progress but just not as much as there should, or could have been. 

You’ll remember that I had already made contact with the original website designer and had sent them some excel spreadsheets with a list of glitches as well as a wish list of improvements. A few days later I received an email with some quotes to fix the glitches and effectively give my website a complete overhaul.


As I expected, it was somewhat out of my budget. Ok – well no surprise there, I knew it was going to be a big job. But in the email Bryan (who I also worked with back when my website was originally built) also said he’d call me to discuss the project. So last week Bryan and I had quite a long conversation about what I needed (wanted) and also discussed the budget issue. I had also seen a website design that I quite liked which was helpful as we could discuss the redesign with an idea in mind.

We decided the best way to manage the situation was for his team to break down the original quote and put time frames next to each of the issues on the ‘glitch list’ and the ‘wish list’ as that way I could determine what essential work I could afford and what ‘nice to have’ ideas I’d have to keep for the future.

So I finished the phone call feeling somewhat pleased that I could put off dealing with reality for a little longer – at least until his team had finished the breakdown.  And then Bryan had to go and ruin all my fun by sending me the itemised list within two days!  

Aaaaand that’s where we stop….yep…. I haven’t faced reality and looked at the list yet.

Even though I told Bryan I’d be doing it on Monday (sorry Bryan). And yes he knows about this blog series and is probably reading it to see what I have to say about his business. Actually that’s part of my experiment – I’m telling the story from my point of view as a client and I think it’ll be interesting for someone on the other side to also be reading it (feel free to add in your side of the story at any time Bryan).

In my defence I blame a migraine, two music concerts, a leadership ceremony and an orthodontist consultation all in the one week for taking up so much of my time rather than me just not wanting to face reality. And speaking of orthodontists… now that experience is a blog post for another day!

So in summary - I apologise for the less than scintillating diary entry. If Bryan employed a cat as part of his web development team AND the cat happened to be working on my project this is how he/she would be looking this week... 


Better luck next week Puss!

Next stage….I have to face reality and decide what I can afford and what I can’t and then I’ll have to get serious about the new design.



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