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Designing your veterinary practice to reflect your brand personality

Posted in Operations @ May 24th 2022 - By The Elite Team
Designing Your Veterinary Practice To Reflect Your Brand Personality 500px

To stand out in today’s image-filled world, a little personality in your veterinary practice design goes a long way.

The way your clinic looks is as important as your quality of customer service and professional care.

Your brand personality is the human characteristic associated with your practice’s brand. It can attract or detract customers, so it pays to create a brand personality that resonates positively with your customers.  

In this blog we touch on design ideas that can take your vet clinic fit out to the next level by accessing your brand personality to leave a memorable impression on your patients.

1. Practice Personality

When choosing colours, textures and materials, decide on the personality or theme for your practice. Cool and modern? Fun? Traditional?

If edgy urban modernism is the personality you want to project, think cove lighting, moulded cabinetry and lots of white and stainless steel.

Or if a fun, energetic personality is more on brand for your practice, quirky photos, textured furnishings and bright colours are the way to go.

Regardless of the personality you choose to reflect, it’s important that your fit out has a unified design theme. Without it, both traditionally minded and forward-thinking clients will be deterred by the assortment of design styles in your practice.

2. Colour injection

Colour is the cheapest and easiest way to add a spark to your vet practice design. 

Cool colours help to create a calming environment. Blues and blue/greens will put people at ease as they bring a sense of tranquillity.

When it comes to brighter colours, red and orange are popular choices. Red can be energising and encourage alertness, but it’s best to use it sparingly as it can cause anxiety and over-stimulation. The colour orange is associated with a fun or social environment, so could be a good choice as an accent colour if this fits with your practice brand personality.

When injecting colour into your practice, it’s important to create a balance with different tones and contrasts.  For example, balancing a cool palette with a warm or neutral element can create a striking design effect.

3. Play with textures and materials

Although flooring and surfaces in steri/surgery areas need to be smooth for easy cleaning, you can, however, introduce engaging textures elsewhere.

Materials such as wood, natural or engineered stone for reception tops, tiles and concrete finishes can add a modern, industrial or homey atmosphere depending on their combination.

Upholstery is also a way to add texture and colour. In a predominately white space, woollen-textured fabric on chairs can break up the monotony and also add a splash of colour.  

Contact Elite

Elite’s in-house design team can help you design and implement your practice fit out or refurbishment to suit your brand personality.  Contact Elite to discuss your new look and view completed projects for inspiration.


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