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Do You Love a Good List?

Posted in Management @ Jan 24th 2012 12:59pm - By Judy Gillespie

Are you a list maker?

I am.  And I have list for everything!  Sometimes I worry that I'm turning into Rimmer from the TV series 'Red Dwarf' who spent 7 weeks putting together his colour coordinated revision timetable which meant he only had one night left to actually revise!

I also admit that I do sometimes find my lists get so out of control and clogged with tasks that I never get to, that I end up abandoning the entire list.  This year however will be different!

 With my 'Laser-like Focus' on my business already started I've come across this suggestion in a 'SmartStartUp' blog - Give Yourself a To Do Deadline.

It suggests that if you have items on your list that just never seem to get ticked off & keep appearing on your list over & over again then you apply a three-day rule:

If the task isn't done in 3 days, then cross it off the list, give it to someone else to do or forget about it. 

If you're not getting it done in 3 days then it musn't be that important.

This seems harsh, I know, but it could actually work! 

Share your ideas & comments with us below - we'd love to know if you think it could work for you? 


Carmel @ Jan 25th 2012 5:02pm
I'm not much into lists. I always seem to have a couple of things on ground-hog day at the bottom of the list. I am also not very good at identifying who can put them at the top of their list and action them on my behalf. Sorry, no suggestions... but I am watching for others with interest :)
Judy Gillespie @ Jan 25th 2012 5:20pm
Thanks Carmel - I like your term 'ground-hog day - that explains it so well :) I have to admit to abandoning lists & just starting all over again when it got too hard. I'm also waiting with bated breath for some great tips from others!
Judy Gillespie @ Jan 25th 2012 6:01pm
Ahh - is this the solution? Don't have a 'to do' list - instead try 'living in your calendar'. Hmmmm - what do you think?

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