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D'Oh - Why Do We Persevere With The Impossible?

Posted in Management @ Jan 11th 2012 3:31pm - By Judy Gillespie
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How is it that a relatively intelligent person can spend hours trying to make something work when a Google search shows up a much better option in less than a second?

And why didn't I search for a better solution when I first realised I was facing problems?

Just to put my questions into context - I've been working on the new '2012 Professional Development Calendar' that I'll be launching next week and first up I had to come up with a basic calendar design. I found a template for 'Word' which I then spent hours trying to modify. Now I know that 'Word' is just not suited to anything that involves more than rudimentary design, yet I didn't use 'Publisher' because I couldn't seem to import my template successfully into it .

Errr... the obvious solution was to find another calendar design template that could be used in Publisher. In fact, a Google search very quickly showed me that Publisher had its own calendar designs - d'oh!

So tell me... why do we persevere trying to achieve something using tools that are obviously not suited when a better solution is within easy reach?

If you have an answer please add it the the comments below - especially if your comments don't involve insulting my intelligence ;-) 


Josephine Keay @ Feb 6th 2012 7:35pm
Hi Jude, I've finally got around to checking out your amazing work! I have passed this informative website to Bleats lawyers and RSPCA! Well done!
Judy Gillespie @ Feb 6th 2012 9:04pm
Thanks for your kind comments Jo & for passing on information about Vetanswers! I really appreciate it :)

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