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Enjoy the ride into 2018 - You've earned it!

Posted in Our Community @ Dec 21st 2017 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Ride The Wave Into 2018 You Deserve It

So here we are again – staring at the end of another year.  I know it sounds a bit cliché but 2017 was, for me….challenging ……and not in a good way. It wasn’t a great year personally or professionally and not for reasons that I could control but that’s life. Things happen over which we have no control and we just have to ride each wave to the best of our ability.

Sometimes when so much can feel out of our control it can be too easy to focus on the things that went wrong or goals that weren’t reached and ignore all the things that went right.

So what goes through your mind when you think about 2017?

Do you think about all the things you didn’t achieve? All the animals that didn’t make it? The clients that complained about ..well anything and everything?  The mistakes you may have made?  The many, many hours of unpaid extra work you did because you just wanted to be sure everything was ok? The things that didn’t work out as you planned or would have liked? The emotional stress and pain of dealing with animals and people in distress. The personal goals you didn’t quite achieve? The family and friends you worry you may have let down?

I run Vetanswers by myself.  I have a husband, 2 children and a cat (and until quite recently, my beloved dog Nina).  And I make mistakes. I’m frequently late (with everything!).  I don’t get back to my clients and customers the way I should. Sometimes I make promises and then break them.  Sometimes I make mistakes that impact on others and sometimes I just completely forget things. Sometimes I forgot to give my dog and cat their medication and I never brush their teeth - sometimes I forget to brush my own teeth. I used to look into Nina’s big, brown, staffy eyes and feel bad that I didn’t walk her as much as I should.  I never ring my family enough and most of my relationships with my friends are via text messages.

But you know what?  I try. I really, really try – it’s just that sometimes I don’t get it right.

BUT...There are lots of things I do get right!

My children are both happy, and we’re a solid family. Although I may not call them regularly, my family and friends know that if they need anything I’ll do whatever it takes to help them.  I love what I do with Vetanswers and (apart from the last month or so) it’s growing and I get lots of great feedback from the online community I’ve built up over the last few years. 

Do you see a mountain of mistakes or a sea of achievements?

So what about you?  When you look back on 2017 do you see a mountain of mistakes or a sea of achievements?  And I’m not talking about huge, massive, award winning achievements (although kudos if you did achieve them!).

I’m talking about all the little things... the thank you’s from clients who truly appreciate your care and compassion.  Those gorgeous, big eyes of your patients looking at you and somehow knowing you’re there to help.  All those animals that you know you’ve helped, even though they can’t necessarily say thank you.   

Setting & achieving goals - big and small - is awesome

Setting big goals is wonderful and achieving them is awesome.  And I’m sure you can list a number of things that you really wanted to achieve in 2017 - professionally, financially and personally.  The goals that once you do achieve them, you feel you can say “I did that”

But you know what?  Even if things don’t go to plan, even if factors out of your control stopped you from achieving the big goals, there are always the little things.  The smaller events you achieved every day at work and at home.  The things that are easy to forget or miss because they were so small.  But add up all those little drops and you get a sea of achievements!

So you know what?  I think we should all stop thinking about all the things we didn’t do during 2017 and start to collect all the tiny drops of ‘right’ things that we did achieve during the year.

Once they are all added together those tiny drops will make a wave of achievement and then we can ride that sucker right into 2018! 

Enjoy the ride – you’ve earned it!


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