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Err.. you want me to do what? What's the strangest thing a veterinary clients has asked of you?

Posted in Client Service @ May 8th 2014 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
You Want Me To Do What

Things that make you go "Hmmmm!" The weird and wonderful requests from your veterinary clients....

I admit to shamelessley borrowing this idea after reading Dr Andy Roark's recent blog post: 15 Outrageous Pet Owner Requests of Vets. He wrote this post after asking veterinary professionals on his Facebook page to share some of the strange requests they had experienced and ended up with over 500 submissions.

Every industry has their fair share of situations where clients, customers or guests have asked for something that really makes you stop and ask "Really?" but I think the veterinary industry probably has more than its fair share.  

Maybe it's because our pets are often now treated as important family members - albeit family members that are a completely different  species and that can't speak or make their own feelings known with 100% certainty.  Although I'm also sure many of the more 'unusual' requests have come from owners who believe they in fact do understand exactly what their beloved pet wants - no matter how strange!

So I thought it would be fun to collect some Australian experiences and I'm quite sure that every veterinarian,  veterinary nurse, practice manager and receptionist would have a range of experiences to share.

So tell us in the comments section below  about those situations that made you say when you got home at night "You're not going to believe what a client asked us to do today!"

I'll even see if I can come up with a prize for the best (weirdest) story!


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