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Google+... here I come! Want to join me?

Posted in Social Media @ Feb 7th 2012 9:31pm - By Judy Gillespie

I’ve been meaning to spend time on the Google+ page that I set up last year and a few articles I’ve come across in the last week or so have reinforced that idea.  ‘How to Start using Google+ for Your Business Before it’s Too Late’ from socialmediatoday seemed like a good place to start.  I especially liked that the blog started off with:

“Please NOT another social network.” 

It then went on to highlight the fact that there are now over 3 billion searches per day on Google and as these search results are heavily influenced by Google+ it’s time to start getting on board – especially if your business relies on SEO (search engine optimisation).

Hmm ok, so I should definitely be looking at getting more involved in Google+ but is anyone really going to listen to my words of wisdom? Who is really out there??  It was then that I fortuitously came across ‘How to Get Your Family and Friends on Google+’.  This blog started off with:

“Google+ has a lot of advantages over Facebook, including hangouts group video chat, better search, cleaner interface, superior commenting and more.  But Facebook has a least one thing Google+ doesn’t have: everybody.”

It then went on to suggest 12 ways to ‘encourage’ everyone to come on over to Google+ including:

  • Post only on Google+ (argghh – that’s a bit drastic!)
  • Build circles for them (ok – can do, I’ve got two set up: ‘veterinary’ and ‘vet practices’)
  • Offer to answer questions (can do – once I’ve worked out the answers!)
  • Be ready to share interesting, active & relevant circles the moment they join (Great – just let me know and I’ll share the circles I’m currently building).

So, how about it?  Come and join me on a great new Google+ adventure!

If you have absolutely no idea where to start you can check out these resources:

I’ll follow up this blog when I’ve learned more so stay tuned.

Tell us what you think about Google+ - have you tried it yet?


Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ @ Feb 8th 2012 11:53am
Add me to your circles and I'll add you to mine! Google+ is very relevant, especially when it comes to search.
Judy Gillespie @ Feb 8th 2012 12:02pm
Thanks Brenda - will do! I'm still finding it a bit confusing so I'll need to spend some more time getting my head around it all :)

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