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Hate performance reviews? What about using The Stay Interview with your veterinary team?

Posted in Management @ Nov 1st 2018 - By Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice
Hate Performance Reviews What About Using The Stay Interview Instead

Let's be honest - NO one really enjoys performance reviews but what if there was a better way to improve engagement and reduce turnover?

We all know the dearth of good staff lately and so it’s more important than ever to retain those excellent team members that you currently have.

Many Fortune 100 companies have abandoned performance reviews (we by and large have as well) and instituted The Stay Interview. Find out more here - The Stay Interview: A Manager's Guide to Keeping the Best and Brightest (Amazon)

Managing Millenials

Retaining staff is becoming especially important as we employ more Millennials as part of our team as they are the generation that is the one most likely to ‘up and leave’ for almost no reason.

The Stay Interview helps us understand them better – and also help us to understand our non-Millennial employees better as well – enabling us to develop strategies better suited to retaining all of our highly-valued employees.

As an example, here are four important characteristics of the Millennials:

1. They work for their managers and want to like their managers.

2. They want to be trained as well.

3. They want to work for a company that cares about them and the community.

4. They want - no DEMAND a good level of pay – as they understand their value. But it is not and never will be the salary that will keep them in one particular job!

Stay Interviews will help to drive your engagement scores up and lead to greater staff retention.

Introducing Stay Interviews was one of many changes we instituted in many practices about two years ago following low engagement survey results.

We doubled their engagement over 18 months and reduced the number of staff who left for ‘A better job elsewhere’ by 50%. 

So what is the Stay Interview?

The Stay Interview is nothing fancy. It consists of 5 basic and simple questions. (You might want to read the book to get the full and in-depth detail - see link above)

The five questions of a stay interview:

  1. When you come to work each day, what things do you look forward to?
  2. What are you learning here?
  3. Why do you stay here?
  4. When was the last time you thought about leaving our team? What prompted it?
  5. What can I do to make your experience work better for you?

It is amazing what you can learn by listening to the responses to these simple questions.

Think about implementing The Stay Interview in your veterinary business. Actually, on second thoughts – don’t THINK – just DO IT!

If you have any questions for Diederik regarding The StayInterview, ask them in the Comments section below

About Diederik

Diederik Gelderman BVSc, MVS graduated from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours in 1977.

Besides his veterinary work, Dr Gelderman is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and world-renowned coach to veterinarians wanting to improve their profitability. He has coached and consulted with more than 350 small to medium enterprises in a diverse range of industries, and has also held workshops/seminars around the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, South Africa and around Europe, both for smaller organisations and through his Turbo Charge Your Practice Workshops.


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