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Having a glitch with your Facebook Veterinary Page?

Posted in Social Media @ May 21st 2015 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Just in case you’ve been as frustrated as me with your Veterinary Facebook Page this week…

I know I’ve said this before but geez Facebook can do my head in! 

It all started last Sunday…

All of I sudden I realised I couldn’t log in to my Vetanswers Facebook Page properly – instead I could only see it when I was logged in to my Personal Page.

So instead of looking like this:

It looked like this:

Now apart from the distracting feed of friends on the right hand side showing me who was online & who wasn’t, it also meant that I couldn’t access the Newsfeed for Vetanswers.

In the past, to access the Vetanswers Page all I’ve had to do is: Click on the blue arrow a the top RHS and then click on ‘Vetanswers’ and my Business Page would look as it does at the very top.

So what was going on?

I did what I normally do which is research.  I looked and looked but no one else seemed to be complaining of the same problem.

Then I did what I normally do after that – I sent feedback to Facebook asking if they could tell me what was wrong or fix the problem.  And I sent Facebook feedback ‘Reporting an issue with Pages’ every day for five days.

As an aside, if you ever do have a problem with your Page I would recommend sending feedback & reporting the issue:

1.       Click ‘Help’ – top RHS on your Page

2.       Then click ‘Send Feedback’

3.       At this stage you’ll have to switch to yourself on Facebook ‘Continue as…’

4.       Click ‘I want to report an issue with Pages’

5.       Fill in your information & click ‘Send’

When I’ve had problems on my Page in the past sending Feedback has actually worked – well the problem has been fixed at any rate.  But not this time.

So I kept looking until I remembered the Facebook Help Community:

I typed in my problem and started looking.

I found someone with the same problems, posted four months ago (uh oh!). Even worse the comment from Kelly (Facebook Help Team) basically said “Yes we know, please report your problem to Facebook”. Well that’s not very helpful Kelly!  However I kept scrolling down and amongst the 210 comments I saw a few from people thanking another person for her solution.  Great – so all I had to do was find ‘Pam’ and see what she suggested.


Here’s what ‘Pam’ said to do:

1. On your Facebook personal page, click on the arrow to access the menu options (top RHS).
2. Click on "Manage Page" 
3. Click "Log in" next to the page you want to access. 

You should now be able to "Use Facebook as"  your page as well as view your Page's news feed.


Luckily this worked for me.  The only problem is that you have to do this every time you swap between your personal and Business Page/s.

Maybe Facebook will fix this glitch or maybe they won’t – who knows?

But there’s another take home lesson….

Clients and customers will usually forgive a technological glitch – after all we all have them.  But what they’re less likely to forgive is not being given warning about the problem and then not offering a solution. 

In the instance above it wasn’t a ‘Facebook Help Team’ member that came up with the solution – they stopped interacting with their customers four months ago!  Instead it was a member of the Facebook Community that shared a solution.

Thanks goodness for Communities – hey?!

Which reminds me – if you have any solutions you’d like to share with the Vetanswers Community I’d love to hear about them.  You’ve probably worked out some great solutions or ‘cheats’ to problems others face every day, why not share them?

If you’ve been experiencing the same problems with Facebook as I have then I hope this Post has helped.  If you have any questions about Facebook or any other questions for that matter, why not ask them in the comments section below?


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