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Help make renting with pets easier: Spread the word about 'Rent with Pets'

Posted in Client Service @ May 8th 2014 - By Judy Gillespie interviewing Yen Wong, Founder, Rent with Pets
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My heart breaks every time I hear of someone forced to give up their beloved pet due to the lack of pet friendly rental accommodation.  

Which is why I was so pleased to discover Rent with Pets - a new business started by veterinarian Yen Wong. Yen was kind enough to answer some questions so I could find out more, including how you can share this new website with your veterinary clients... 

1. What is Rent with Pets all about?

Rent With Pets is a pet friendly rental property listing website.  We connect responsible pet owners with pet friendly landlords and property managers.  We encourage tenants to be responsible pet owners, and teach landlords about how to select for loyal and responsible pet owner tenants. We also help landlords and property managers set guidelines about what pets (eg. Cats, desexed, obedience trained) they consider suitable for each rental property, instead of saying no to all pets.

We welcome landlords and property managers to list their rental properties with us.  The majority of landlords and property managers love animals and live with pets themselves, yet they are reluctant to accept pets in their rental properties. We found that many landlords are worried about higher maintenance costs when they accept pets in their properties yet this can be overcome by tenants contributing to the cost of maintenance, and selecting for responsible pet owner tenants who are less likely to damage property. We also found that many responsible pet owners become long term tenants due to the shortage of pet friendly rentals, and some are happy to pay slightly higher rent for the priviledge of renting with their pets. 

2. How did Rent with Pets start?

Rent With Pets was inspired by responsible pet owners and vet nurses who were forced to board their animals during home inspections.  This was when I realised that there was a lot of demand for pet friendly rental properties from clean and responsible pet owners, but not many such properties available in Australia.  As a vet I sadly see many pets being surrendered to shelters because their owners can't find a pet friendly rental property. I myself have also had great difficulty finding a pet friendly home to rent, which encouraged me to buy my own home sooner. 

3. What is your vision for the future of Rent with Pets?

In the future I would like to see more pet friendly rental properties available in Australia and more landlords and property managers learning how to select responsible pet owner tenants.  Increased transparency about pets in rental properties, open and honest communication between landlords and tenants would also be wonderful. If all the pet friendly rentals were listed on Rent With Pets, it would also make searching for rental properties so much easier for pet owners.  Ultimately I would like to see fewer pets being surrendered to shelters because of lack of pet friendly accommodation, and more adoptions from animal shelters by tenants.  Rent with Pets is a business that helps people keep pets in safe and loving homes.  

4. As a veterinarian, what are some of the toughest challenges you think veterinary practices face today?

Many vet practices face the challenges of high overheads and low revenue.  Compared to human doctors, vets need to buy a lot of expensive diagnostic and surgical equipment for fewer patients.  Lack of medicare, and low uptake of pet insurance also makes vet medicine unaffordable for many people.  Affordability of veterinary services has a direct impact on vet practices being able to pay reasonable wages and salaries to their team members.  

5. How can Rent with Pets be of assistance to those working in veterinary practices?

Currently many renters would like to keep pets, but their landlords and property managers do not allow it. Rent With Pets can help to increase the number of people who can keep pets in rental accommodation, which will increase the number of pets in the community, and also increase the demand for veterinary services. 

6. What can those in the Vetanswers community do to help out Rent with Pets?

As Rent With Pets is a new business, we need a lot of help to get the word out to responsible pet owners (most are clients at vet practices), landlords and property managers.  Please link to our website or mention us in your practice newsletters.

If you own a rental property that may be suitable for pets, please list it on Rent With Pets. Currently we are offering property managers free listings on Rent With Pets to try out our unique property listings that help them screen for responsible tenants.  We are looking for help to talk to property managers all over Australia.  We also have a free business directory section and would like to exchange links with vet practices and pet businesses. 

If you would like more information on Renting with Pets then you may enjoy the following blog posts in the series:

If you have any questions about Rent with Pets or suggestions on how Rent with Pets can spread the word, please ask Yen in the comments section below.


Click here to check out the 'Rent with Pets' Business Directory Page


Michael O'Donoghue @ May 9th 2014 7:05pm
I think this is a very important idea, pet owners make the best tenants . I have put together a lot of information on my website about this topic
Judy @ May 15th 2014 9:44pm
Thanks for the link Michael. Maybe you & Yen could have a chat?
Yen Wong @ May 19th 2014 1:35pm
Hi Michael, Thank you very much for sharing your website. You've done lots of wonderful research, especially the real estate agent interviews. May I link to some of your articles? Would you be interested in working together/pooling resources to help us help pet owners? Thanks again!
Jennifer @ Jun 16th 2014 12:08pm
I think people shouldn't have to give up their four legged companions to get a place to rent. Personally I would just keep looking my cats are for life.
carol @ Jun 16th 2014 7:03pm
I have many pets over the years with my pets and after training, animals are great to have around and great therapy for people who are lonely so I agree pets be allowed in rentals places....

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