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How can the AMR Vet Collective website help me?

Posted in Our Community @ May 13th 2021 - By AMR Vet Collective Team: Jane Heller, Jacqui Norris, and Kellie Thomas
How Can The Amr Vet Collective Website Help Me 1

Welcome to your own personalised website tour of the AMR Vet Collective!

We know you're busy, so we've put together this quick personalised tour guide based on your role and level of familiarity with AMR (antimicrobial resistance) to help you get the most out of our website.

I am a Veterinarian and I don’t know much about AMR

Well first of all, you’re in good company! With so much to be across on a daily basis, AMR is often something that we’re kind of aware of, but not really clear about. This website is really designed to help you develop your understanding.

For some good summary and background information, check out our About AMR page. Next stop should be our Continuing Education page, where you can delve a little deeper into some open-access journal articles – we’ve filtered the content based on papers that are relevant, up-to-date, and easily readable – you’re welcome!

You’ll also find great short video clinical-skills refreshers, each with a downloadable protocol to help you get the most out of your in-house cytology. We think that Antimicrobial Stewardship is about more than just the way we prescribe antibiotics – our diagnostic process is key to identifying which patients need antimicrobials in the first place!

The other page you’ll definitely want to bookmark is the Guidelines page, which features all of the available antimicrobial prescribing guidelines in Australia and New Zealand in one easy location. We’ll also be updating this page with advice from experts on less common species, so watch this space. And of course be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn so you don’t miss out on new announcements and resources, including our Online Vet AMS Course that will be launching in the coming months.

I am a Veterinarian and I am all over AMR

That’s great news!

Hopefully this website can still be useful in providing a single place to find all of the latest antimicrobial prescribing guidelines and helping you to keep up to date in this ever-evolving space. You’ll also find some great resources to print out and display around the clinic to help keep the rest of your team onboard and up to date too. We know from research that having an Antimicrobial Stewardship Champion is one of the key ingredients for improved antimicrobial prescribing, so we’d love to support you in playing that role in your work place.

Check out our Prescribing Support, Continuing Education, and Your Practice pages and we are sure that you will enjoy our Online Vet AMS Course when it launches soon! Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss anything.

I am a Practice Manager

Well hello there! Wonderful to have a motivated Practice Manager who clearly cares about quality patient care! Your practice is lucky to have you. Our About AMR page is a good place to start for some background information, and our Online Vet AMS Course, which will launch in the coming months, has modules within designed for Practice Managers. Make sure you sign up to our Facebook and LinkedIn so that you don’t miss the announcement for when these become available.

Until then, our Your Practice page should help to keep you busy! There are a number of resources available for sharing with clients, printing and displaying around the clinic, and to guide you and your team in establishing a local prescribing policy or even an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. You are often the person who helps steer the ship on busy days, and sometimes the only one able to keep their head clear on the long-term goals of your practice. We need you to help make sure we are heading in the direction we want to go and help us to put in place the protocols and procedures that will ensure that we’re going to get there!

I am a Veterinary Nurse or Vet Tech

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you here – we all know that no veterinarian worth their salt can get through a busy day without your support – so can we start by just saying a big thank you! Thank you for making our job easier, and thank you for being engaged enough to want to keep up to date with AMR and help support Antimicrobial Stewardship in your work place. We’re really excited to have several modules in our upcoming Online Vet AMS Course that are designed for nurses and techs, make sure you sign up to our Facebook and LinkedIn so you don’t miss the announcement when they launch!

In the meantime, check out some background information on our About AMR page, revise your in-house diff quick and gram staining protocols on our Continuing Education page, and have a look at the resources to support stewardship and client communications about AMR on our Your Practice page. We know from the literature that having nurses and technicians who are onboard with AMS is a critical ingredient in the success of any stewardship program. You are often the conduit between different vets, patients, management, and clients and you play such an important role not only in patient care, but also in how our practices operate on a daily basis. We need you to be at our best!

I am a vet student (or New Graduate!)

Well you are clearly an excellent student if you are spending time keeping yourself up to date with AMR! We are grateful that you found time for us in your busy study schedule! You are the future of our profession, and often the ones bringing the latest evidence into practice, whether that’s during your clinical rotations, or when you graduate and start your first job. This website will be a great place to start your education on antimicrobial resistance and stewardship, try the About AMR page as a first stop. Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages will inform you of new resources as they beome available. Hopefully the many resources contained within our Prescribing Support, Guidelines, and Continuing Education pages will come in handy when you are working on assignments or facing those first, often challenging, months in practice.

Remember, vet is a team sport and you are never on your own! Our prescribing support tools like decision trees and antimicrobial prescribing guidelines are here to help you apply best-practice evidence to your case management. By starting to use these resources now, you will be well on the way to forming some great habits and knowing where to access the evidence you need in difficult cases.



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