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How Will You Spoil Your Veterinary Nurses On Vet Nurse Day 2021?

Posted in Management @ Sep 30th 2021 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
How Will You Spoil Your Vet Nurse On Vet Nurse Day 2021

We've shared a version of this post since 2013 - each year we add more great ideas & resources :)

Vet Nurses Day Friday 8th October 2021

We all know how essential Vet Nurses are to your business and to the veterinary industry in general. And we all know what an awesome bunch of people they are!

Vet Nurses Day on Friday 8th October offers a fantastic opportunity to show your appreciation to all Vet Nurses.

So.. how will you spoil your Vet Nurses on Friday 8/10/21?

1. Pay for your Vet Nurses to be members of the VNCA

Why not pay for all of your nurses to be members of the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA)

I'm a huge supporter and firmly believe that there are benefits of membership to practice owners, vet nurses & the industry.

Click here to visit the VNCA website for a great range of reasources to help you celebrate Vet Nurse Day 2021 including the poster below.

2. Share resources with your clients to show how much you value your nursing team

Don't forget to add #VetNurseDay and #myVNCA tags to your posts!

3. Choose from these ideas to celebrate how awesome your vet nurses are

3.1 These ideas are thanks to the blog post Vet Tech Week: Top 5 Creative Ways to Honor Your Technicians (Vet Success)

  1. Chair massages in your practice - bring in a massage therapist for mini chair massages 

  2. Food trucks - choose an ice cream van, specialist food truck or coffee van with treats to park outside your practice (also a great way to attract attention fro the general public!) 

  3. "Mall Madness" shopping free - take your team to the local shopping centre, give them $100 each and tell them they need to spend it all in an hour. Alternatively add $100 to each staff member's account for them to spend on their pets.

  4. Get Veterinarians involved - involve your vets by asking them to prepare tasty treats for the vet nurses, ask your vets to handwrite thank you notes to your nursing team.

  5. Ask your industry reps to get involved - reps might be keen to be involved by sponsoring aspects of your celebration or helping to put togehter swag bags.

Click here to read all the details: Vet Tech Week: Top 5 Creative Ways to Honor Your Technicians

3.2 This list has been collected from our Community over the last few years including ideas that have been added to the Comments section below 

  • Close the practice for an hour in the quietest time of the day & get massage therapists in for a vet nurse pampering session;

  • Organise a  small baskets of goodies for each nurse;

  • Put a big banner in the waiting room so all clients know that it's Vet Nurse Day & they can thank the vet nurses as well;

  • Organise a dinner out with all staff as a thank you;

  • Ask clients to make a gold coin donation on the day to whatever cause is close the the clinic's heart;

  • Have a draw for one or two of your nurses to attend the 2022 VNCA Conference 16-18 March 2022 on the Gold Coast (although this one would be tough for those that miss out :( )

  • Special cake for morning tea

  • Hand out massage vouchers

  • Pay rise, chocolates & alcohol (in that order!)

  • Cardboard hearts that clients can add a special message to and hang on a tree to be read out and given to the nurses at a special presentation on Vet Nurses Day 

  • Same idea as above but clients can purchase a heart for a gold coin donation and all money raised goes to your favourite charity

  • Each nurse to be given a piece of postive feedback specific to them

  • Dedicated lunch celebration with NO interuptions followed by chocolate cake for afternoon tea

4. You could also check out these online ideas:

The list is endless and we'd love it to keep growing so please add your ideas in the Comments section below.


lisa blair @ Oct 5th 2013 3:14pm
Hey Judy, haven't done this yet, coz I thought it might be a bit corny - but am thinking of making up some red cardboard hearts with ribbon hooks. Have them on the front desk all week and people can "buy" one for a gold coin donation to the rescue org we support. They can leave it blank - for everyone - or write the name of their favourite nurse on it and we'll do a presentation on Friday.....whaddayareckon?
Brook @ Oct 6th 2013 9:24am
I think it would be great if on vet nurse day each nurse were to receive a piece of positive feedback specific to them. Too often this gets overlooked and it's easy to forget that we can do a great job!
Judy @ Oct 6th 2013 3:48pm
Hi Lisa. I like your idea & I don't think it's corny at all! One suggestion though - maybe instead of asking clients to write their favourite nurse's name, how about you ask them to write a nice message to all the nurses? Just thought it might get a bit tricky if some get more 'hearts' than others! Would love a photo to see all the hearts hanging up at then end of the week :)
Judy @ Oct 6th 2013 3:51pm
Thanks Brook - that's an excellent idea! I love the fact that it's so simple anf yet you're right - it can mean so very much. Hey Lisa - maybe you could mix the 2 ideas and as well as have 'hearts' from your clients you could also write a special message to each of your nurses on their own heart to be read out on Friday??? What do you think?
lisa @ Oct 7th 2013 7:53am
Yes Judy, we've refined the idea since yesterday - we dropped the donation idea and have made up cardboard cards that we will ask everyone to write on - general ones would be great, but if they put a specific nurse name on it we will deliver that to the nurse. So on Friday we will have a "presentation" where everyone will be given the cards about how awesome they are specifically. Hopefully clients will do heaps, and the team are doing them too so we can tell people about why they're special - it's easy to miss that in the hustle and bustle of a normal day. And I made up the tree yesterday - it doesn't look corny at all so I'm quite excited now....
lisa @ Oct 7th 2013 7:57am
PS I hear your concern about some getting more - will use the general ones to "beef up" the pile for the part-timers that are not as well known - also have a nurse as a finalist at the Vet Nurse of the Year award - so will give her hers on Thursday to take with her - for good luck! Photos on our Belmont Vet Centre facebook page.....will keep them updated during the week. Smile, it's gonna be a good one :) Lisa
Kate @ Oct 8th 2013 11:36am
I think a dedicated lunch celebration (with no interruptions - where the vets answer the phones and run the show!), so the nurses can have a well-deserved break together, whilst enjoy some good food, followed by a chocolate cake for afternoon tea. And of course, lots of recognition this week, with both positives to our nursing staff, and discussion with our clients to raise awareness! VNCA poster and balloons are up and ready!
Judy @ Oct 8th 2013 12:15pm
Hi Kate - I like your thinking! A nice relaxed lunch with no interruptions and time for a chat - sounds perfect! I hope those posters are all up around the practices too :)
Simone @ Oct 11th 2013 9:23pm
The night before vet nurse day, some other vets and myself decorated our clinic, including a banner "Please wish our wonderful nurses a happy vet nurses day". We baked a suprise breakfast, each nurse got a small gift and we placed post it notes around the clinic with specific thankyous. (such as on the mop bucket or the blood machine). Last year our nurses went out for a clinic funded lunch and the vets ran the clinic.
Judy @ Oct 13th 2013 11:46pm
Hi Simone, that sounds like an awesome day. I love the post it notes ideas around the clinic - that's a great idea! I'm sure your team loved their day :)
Dr Wajid Pirzada @ Oct 7th 2017 2:27am
It should go beyond saying that veterinary nurses are functional partners in veterinary practice. On Veterinary Nursing Day, award to three best Veterinary Nurses be given to encourage youngsters to follow them.

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