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HR Polices & Procedures - What's the REAL story in your veterinary practice?

Posted in Management @ Feb 20th 2017 - By Judy Gillespie
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You’ve heard of Human Resource Policies and Procedures haven’t you? 

You know the ones I mean... they may be sitting in a couple of folders, they may live somewhere online or you may not even know where they are...OR you may be thinking guiltily, “Hmm I know we should have them but no one has the time to actually do anything about it!”

So everyone probably agrees that HR Policies and Procedures are a good idea as they can help:

  • To ensure you meet workplace legal requirements;
  • To create a fair work environment as everyone is managed according to the same standards;
  • Answer common questions that your team may have regarding holidays, internet usage, parental leave, uniform standards, etc.

Can HR Policies and Procedures really help Managers and Owners?

As a manager or business owner, HR Policies and Procedures can make your life easer as they provide the answers to commonly asked questions which saves you time thinking and even researching – you’ve already researched and thought about the answers.

They also help to bring the vision of your business to life by setting guidelines on important day-to-day operational issues, for example standards of dress, internet and social media usage, etc.

Can HR Policies and Procedures help Employees?

Yep, as an employee, Policies and Procedures can also make your life easier as you don’t have to ask common questions – you can look up the P & P’s yourself.  It also means you don’t have to wait until the boss is in a ‘good mood’ or ‘has the time’ to ask about holidays etc AND it means everyone follows the same rules – it’s hard to play favourites when everyone works to that same set of P & P’s!

BUT...HR Policies and Procedures are NOT about Rules & Regulations!

Your team members are the biggest ASSET your business has and you need to look after them. You should be aiming to build a workplace that whilst meeting legal requirements, is also reasonable, fair and respectful.

Relevant, realistic, well written HR Policies & Procedures will be a huge benefit to your team members as much as the practice manager and owner.


Amit Pandey @ Jul 19th 2014 9:47pm
Nice story. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Judy @ Jul 20th 2014 3:23pm
Thanks Amit.

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