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"I want to be a veterinarian, they rake it in!"

Posted in Client Service @ Oct 19th 2016 - By Roxy Krueger, Sales Manager, VetShare
I Want To Be A Veterinarian They Rake It In

It's not the first time I've been in a social setting with non-vet industry folk and heard "I want to be a vet, they rake it in! I spent $600 there last week!". When it happened for the third time this week I took my normal stance and asked "How much do you think a vet makes?". My now slightly subdued audience had no idea how much a vet made after spending 5 years at university and when I told them some averages they were quiet.

Why is that? one lady asked and pleased to hear the question I explained the capital that goes into setting up a clinic, staff training, equipment, drugs and the "real" cost of surgery. After a flood of questions I was left perplexed.

How could these well meaning pet owners drop their loved pets in for surgery, pay their bill and not know what their money has contributed to?

Why don't clients understand the true cost of veterinary care?

It's a good question. Pets owners around the country trust their vets everyday to perform surgery on their furry friends. Vets continue to be ranked as very trustworthy professionals, however there is a gap in knowledge between the extent of what is done for pets and the pet owner perception. This gap needs to be bridged so pet owners will continue to pay for the health of their pets and..... sing praises of approval of the well priced vet bill at the next social function.

How can we educate clients?

We all learn through multiple ways, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. What knowledge are you transferring to your pet owners when they call and visit your clinic? If you want to bridge this gap for your pet owners have a think about their customer experience.

You could map out the customer journey as a team.

Imagine you were not from the industry and map out what you learn about your veterinary hospital throughout this journey:

  • What do you learn from the staff when you first call?
  • Is the receptionist thorough?
  • Can he or she answer your questions?
  • When the vet suggests surgery do you know the extent of the procedure to be performed, the skill-set and equipment that will be utilised in the process?
  • How the surgery will be monitored?
  • Do you know how carefully the recovery is monitored or how highly trained the nursing staff are?

There's value in what is done day-to-day, week-to-week

I understand the 'above and beyond' attitude of vets and vet nurses in our industry. I know the value in what is done day-to-day and week-to-week in clinics throughout Australia. And if I didn't see behind the scenes I know I'd be happy to part with my hard earned money if I had an understanding of how professional, thorough and compassionate the Hospital Team was with my Harley (lab x kelpie) when she was treated.  

About Roxy

Roxy Krueger has a strong passion towards people and their businesses. Once she entered the Veterinary Industry in 2005 she knew this was an industry with purpose and sincerity. She completed a Masters in Marketing to add further value to Vet Nurses and Veterinarians and to create relevance. Roxy has a growing passion for personal development and is currently focusing on adding value to Vet Nurses and Veterinarians to improve clinic results in a business sense and as they relate to patient outcomes.      

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