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Improve International Quick Case Study: Feline Blood Transfusions ISFM Guidelines

Posted in Case Studies @ Jul 27th 2021 1:59pm - By Improve International
Improve International Case Study - Feline Transfusions

Blood transfusions can be lifesaving and, with the growth of blood banks, they may become more routinely used in feline medicine.

Recently, the International Society of Feline Medicine has published their Consensus Guidelines on the Collection and Administration of Blood and Blood Products in Cats, aiming to improve the clinical approach to blood product collection and administration.

Blood transfusions can be performed safely and effectively in veterinary practice, and the guidelines include several recommendations regarding safety, including:

As in human medicine, blood typing is essential to avoid potentially fatal transfusion reactions.

Blood groups are currently classified as A, B and AB. However, there’s evidence that non-AB blood groups may also exist. Therefore, cross-matching is recommended as well.

Also, as cats can possess naturally occurring alloantibodies against the non self alloantigen that they are lacking, even a first transfusion can result in a fatal reaction if vets do not determine blood type.

Blood donors should be carefully selected and screened to avoid transmission of infectious agents.

Despite appropriate screening, transfusion reactions in cats remain unpredictable – close monitoring is recommended throughout the transfusion, particularly within the first 30 mins.

The guidelines also include advice regarding when to consider a blood transfusion and ethical implications; practical considerations about blood collection and administration; and information about transfusion reactions.

Information Source:

In Taylor S, Spada E, Callan MB, et al. 2021 ISFM Consensus Guidelines on the Collection and Administration of Blood and Blood Products in CatsJournal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. 2021;23(5):410-432. doi:10.1177/1098612X211007071

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