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In need of a good 'To Do' List? At home or at work, you're going to love Remember the Milk

Posted in Management @ Dec 1st 2016 - By Judy Gillespie,Vetanswers
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Always looking for the best way to organise your tasks? I think I've found the answer...

I’m a sucker for a ‘To Do’ list. I’ve tried paper versions, diary versions and a couple of apps but after a while none seem to work – probably due to the large number of lists I have on the go at any one time.

Although I know that one of the secrets to getting projects competed is to focus on only a small number at a time (The secret to successfully completing the important projects in your veterinary practice) I still seem to have quite a few 'To Do' lists that easily get lost.

Now I think I've found the solution to my search for the RIGHT To Do List!

Remember the Milk!

Remember the Milk is a web based task and time management tool that allows you to manage tasks from your computer and smart phone, online and off-line.

I’ve been using RTM for the last week and so far, I’m impressed. It’s easy to use, free and allows me to dump all the things whizzing around my head in some sort of order.

So what exactly do I like about RTM?

It’s simple to use

1. Set up an account.

2. Add in a new List by clicking the + button next to ‘Lists’ – choose a name, click ‘Add’

3. You’ll see a blank Page, just click ‘Add a Task’, type in your task and now you can:

a. Add a due date

b. Add a start date

c. Add a priority

d. Add a tag (see below)

e. Add a repeat (every day, week, month, year, etc.)

f. Add a location

g. Add an estimated time for completion

h. Allocate the task to someone else

4. You’ll receive a ‘Daily Digest’ email that lists your tasks due according to your specifications – to modify:

a. Click the cog in the top right hand corner

b. Click ‘Account Settings’ then ‘Daily Digest’

c. Modify to suit your needs

You can sort your tasks by….

1. Lists (see above)

2. Tags can help to keep track of all your tasks by adding keywords or labels which allow you to search and keep track of all tasks in major groups. E.g. Marketing, teams, client contact

3. All Tasks (if you want to completely freak yourself out!)

4. All tasks due today, tomorrow, this week

You can also set up smart lists which are specialist lists you can create based on your set criteria. For example, you might select all tasks due in the next week, or all tasks with a high priority across all your lists.

You can give tasks to others…

1. Add people to the ‘Contact’ section using their email address and if they’re not using RTM already, they’ll get an email inviting them to join

2. Allocate tasks to them!

You can easily see what has and hasn’t been done

RTM lets you see how many tasks you’ve completed, how many are due the following day and how many are overdue. If overdue tasks in red are too stressful you can easily go in and ‘Postpone’ the tasks so they’re no longer overdue (is that cheating?).

You can keep track of your listing on your PC and your phone

I’ve only just downloaded the RTM App to my phone but have already started a Christmas Present List to help with my shopping.

You can print up your list for those times when a hard copy is the way to go

But best of all….You get to tick things off when they’re done!

Every list fanatic knows the joy of crossing something off a list…and for those days where you need a bit of a boost you can click ‘Completed’ and a lovely long list of crossed out tasks appears to remind you of everything you HAVE managed to achieve – even when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere!

The free version is quite impressive but I’m also considering the Paid option. For $39.99 per year you get access to subtasks to help break down bigger tasks, coloured tags, reminders to your phone and several other features.

So, if you love a good ‘To Do’ list, give ‘Remember the milk’ a go and get all those messy bits of paper and post it notes sorted.

If you have any questions about RTM, feel free to ask them in the Comments section below and I’ll do my best to find the answers for you.


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