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Interesting preliminary findings - PharmAust Monepantel trials for canine lymphoma

Posted in Case Studies @ Dec 9th 2021 - By Dr Richard Mollard, Chief Scientific Officer PharmAust
Interesting Preliminary Findings Pharmaust Monepantel Trials For Canine Lymphoma

Great success so far achieved in the PharmAust monepantel trials for canine lymphoma

Great success has been achieved by PharmAust in its clinical trials testing the drug monepantel as an anticancer agent for pet dogs with treatment naïve B cell lymphoma. PharmAust has made monepantel into a convenient, take at home tablet.

To date, 24 pet dogs have been evaluated for cancer response over a range of doses and attained drug blood plasma levels.

PharmAust has identified an optimum blood plasma level using the tablet that really gives no or minimum side effects and a high quality of life. Of the seven dogs receiving monepantel at this optimum dose range over the trial period, six achieved stable disease and one had significant regression of tumours by over 60%, with some tumours completely disappearing.

Of the six pet dogs that achieved stable disease, five then continued to take MPL after the trial in combination with prednisolone.

To date, these five dogs have achieved much higher than expected average and median life expectancies at 134 and 138 days, respectively. This median life expectancy compares with a recently reported 60 days for similar pet dogs treated only with standard-of-care prednisolone.

All pet dog owners report a very high quality of life for their pet dogs while taking MPL alone or in combination with prednisolone. Testimonials are available at the PharmAust website.

Dogs that had drug plasma levels below the optimal range did not do well and were switched to other therapy. Pet dogs that had drug plasma levels above this optimal range did well, but some had some weight loss noted by the administering veterinarians. These dogs were also switched to other therapy. So PharmAust is settling on this optimum target.

Clinical Trials to treat pet dogs with B cell lymphoma have been conducted in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. Click HERE to find out more.

How to refer canine patients for the Monopantel drug trial.

PhamAust is currently recruiting dogs across Australian trial sites focused on dose optimisation before commencing a Phase 3 trial for registration with a targeted approximate starting date of March 2022, prior to seeking to bring Monepantel to market. If you have a patient with B-cell lymphoma, you can refer your client to a trial clinic nearest you.

You can find the location of the participating clinics as well as the inclusion/exclusion criteria here: 

If you would like to find out more about the monopantel drug trial or have any other questions, contact Dr Richard Mollard, Chief Scientific Officer of PharmAust: Email  |  Tel: +61 418 367 855


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