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Is it time for a website upgrade for your veterinary practice?

Posted in Vet question? Vetanswers.. @ Aug 18th 2016 - By Judy Gillespie

Time for an upgrade for your veterinary practice website?

A recent question from a Vetanswers member....

"I have decided to redevelop our practice website - it is archaic! and functions poorly. Did you have anyone you can recommend that I can get in touch with to create a new website? Preferably someone who has developed many vet websites and knows the niche market that we work in."

My response...

Ahhhh, website upgrades.....always an interesting time!

Unfortunately I don’t have a specific website developer - I wish I did! But I don’t think you necessarily need a company that is an expert in veterinary websites - they do however need to be knowledgeable in building small business websites. 

Do some research...

If you haven't already, I think it's also important to do quite a bit of research on what you want out of your new website, how you want it to look, what you need it to do, etc. It's also really helpful to spend some time researching other websites to see what you like and don’t like. Check out what other veterinary businesses are doing but also definitely look at other non-veterinary businesses.

I think this is one of the best articles I've come across for small business websites - new and redevelopments: The Secrets Of A Successful First Website It’s written by Ingrid Cliff from Heart Harmony Communications who specialise in copywriting as well as website building using Wordpress.

I’ve used Ingrid’s copywriting expertise and would recommend having a chat with her about your website requirements as she offers web design plus words and in my experience – writing copy for your own website can be really challenging and quite time consuming. I didn’t immediately recommend her for website design as I haven’t used that side of her business but would be very interested on any feedback you may have if you do choose to contact her.

Have you also thought about your existing marketing materials & branding?

If you’re also considering getting your branding and marketing materials updated at the same time – which is often a good idea as a lovely new website can often show up how tired the rest of your branding and marketing may be – then I would definitely suggest contacting Jess at Veterinary Branding. VB is owned by a veterinary practice owner (3 practices actually!) so they really know the veterinary industry AND they design great looking products. I’ve worked with them for many years and can highly recommend them. You could also talk to Jess about designing the look of your website so all of your branding fits together beautifully.

Anyway – hope this information helps. Sorry I don’t have a specific web developer to recommend (although I think having a chat to Ingrid would be worthwhile) but I’m happy to help out any other way that I can. I’d also be interested to see how you go on your website redesign journey as I know many other practices are in the same situation.

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