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Is it Time to Build a Bridge?

Posted in Management @ May 22nd 2012 2:14pm - By Judy Gillespie

Is it time to build a bridge?Are you 100% sure that all of your team are paid fairly according to the job they are performing? Or, over time have some gaps started to creep in to your pay scales?

It can be easy for these gaps to appear and it's not usually something that has happened on purpose. If you have some long term staff, then over the years small incremental pay increases may have put their pay rate above some of your newer staff members. This of course is not a problem if they are in a more senior role with more responsibility, but it will become a problem if all staff are performing the same role.

Even trickier to deal with are gaps in pay rates between different genders in the same position.  This can happen for all sorts of reasons and again it is not usually intentional but still needs to be managed. 

A recent HCOnline article (Time to Lift the Lid on Employee Salaries) stated that Australia's female professionals earn 17.4% less than their male colleagues and this has remained unchanged for two decades.  Based on new data from the ABS the gender pay gap based on average weekly ordinary time earnings for men and women indicates that women may be short changed by $250.50 a week. 

Now is the time to check if such gaps exist in your business and start to plan on how to fill them before they turn into chasms that you can't afford to fix and which may cause some real problems within your team.

Martin Nally outlines some great steps to follow in a StartUp Smart blog - 'How can I ensure there's not an (unintentional) gender pay gap in my business?'.

The first step is to review your payroll and consider all the positions with similar attributes including:

  • Experience & skills
  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities
  • Roles scope
  • Direct reports
  • Budgets

At this stage you should also refer to your Organisational Chart - if you have positions on a similar level then they should be paid a similar rate regardless of gender.

If you don't have an organisational chart then you have a new Step 1: Design your Organisational Chart!

Read the complete blog from StartUp Smart: How can I ensure there's not an (unintentional) gender pay gap in my business

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Tell us if you think such gaps exist in the veterinary industry and if so, what do you think can be done to improve wage equity?


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