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It's all about Us!

Posted in Our Community @ Aug 6th 2012 6:58pm - By Judy Gillespie
Super Crew - square blog

No really.... it is all about us!  Well - Vetanswers to be specific.  On the weekend I did a bit of a stocktake of Vetanswers and this is what I discovered:

  • 310 Vetanswers Members
  • 633 'Likers' or 'Fans' on the Vetanswers Facebook page
  • 46 Members Weekly eNewsletters published
  • 51 Blogs published
  • 7 Monthly Professional Development Calendars published
  • 2 Purple Papers (Just like a White Paper only more colourful) published
  • 2 Months worth of Sweet Treats for our members
  • 2,762 Tweets on Twitter
  • 385 Twitter Followers, 471 Following
  • 130 Connections in my LinkedIn Network - I haven't worked much on this one yet!
  • 43 Videos added to the Vetanswers YouTube Channel & 4 Subscribers - hmmm this one needs a fair bit of work too!
  • 115 Links to FREE resources, templates & websites on a range of topics: Social Media, Website, HRM, Marketing, Client Service, Just for Students, and more..

Wow!  Now these are numbers that I'm really proud of - especially as there's really just me (and my fabulous Guest Bloggers) err.. and Isabel & Nina of course.

AND this has all been achieved in LESS THAN 12 months!

So why have I undertaken this stocktake? 

You see this week we're launching a very exciting MISSION (which is why we're all dressed in our best Super Hero outfits). 

Our MISSION is to build the BIGGEST, BEST and MOST USEFUL Business Directory for the veterinary industry.

It's the next step in our goal to help you Save time, Connect & Discover.  The aim of building a great Business Directory is to help our community Save Time as you won't need to spend time researching various goods and services.  You can just visit the Vetanswers Business Directory - easy! It'll also be a great tool to help you to Discover interesting products and services that could really make a difference to your veterinary business.

So to entice all the fabulous businesses out there who provide goods and services to the veterinary industry to add their businesses to our Business Directory we thought we should put together a list of everything we've achieved so far. 

I know I've been extremely busy in the last 12 months working hard to build the Vetanswers community but I often felt I wasn't getting very far - In fact it often felt like my feet were stuck in concrete!  But not any more - my stocktake list is great evidence of what I've actually achieved.

So what's the moral of this story?  Well there are actually two morals: the first one is that whether you own your own business or work for someone else - take the time to sit down and list what you have achieved in the last 12 months.  You might be as surprised as I was - if not, then it's a good opportunity to work out what you would like to have achieved.

Secondly - you'd have to be crazy not to add your business to the Vetanswers Business Directory!  We've built such an awesome community on the last 12 months that why wouldn't you want to your business to be a part of it?  Joining the Business Directory is a great way to align your business with a useful resource that is free (and will always be free) to those that work in veterinary practices - your clients.

To make it even more tempting, we're offering an awesome deal.  For only $200 (ex gst) you can have your own business page in the Business Directory until 1st February 2012.  Check out our 'Advertise with us' page for more information.

So what do you think of our community so far?  What would you like us to work on over the next 12 months?


Charisma Judge @ Aug 9th 2012 11:33am
Well Done Judy! VetAnswers is such a fantastic resource!

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