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Keep it simple and start small....

Posted in Our Community @ Mar 10th 2022 - By Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice
Keep It Simple And Start Small

Most of us have 'great' plans in our veterinary life, but how do we achieve them?

We all have 'great' things that we want to achieve but those goals are often daunting and so we procrastinate.

The secret to achieving anything great in life is to start small and to (later on) go big.

Forget writing a book just write a great blog post. 

Forget losing 15 kilos, choose a healthy lunch.

Forget becoming a better husband. Perform one act of love today. 

Forget being a great philanthropist. Give somebody 20 bucks today. 

Forget being a better leader. Find somebody to praise today. 

Forget all your resolutions and goals. Just focus only on small daily actions and log them in your journal. 

From little things...come big things...

You see small things will become big things. It's called the compound effect. And it works. 

The magical powers of the compound effect are so profound that even Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world. 

When I work with coaching practices we make SMALL changes often - I call them the 1 percenters. And after 12 months of 1% changes, the practice is incredibly changed for the better.

What's even better, the changes are so small and seemingly insignificant that there's no team stress during the process

Here's the lesson...

It will be your small, seemingly insignificant moment to moment choices that will accumulate and compound into the massive transformation that you see. 

Start now......

About Diederik

On graduation I purchased a Veterinary clinic in Maitland, NSW and sold it in July 2009. At the time of purchase, it was a run down one person clinic with about a 90% mixed and 10% small animal component. The business grew well, so that at one stage there were 4 branches and 8 Veterinarians.  At the time of sale there were 5 Veterinarians, 16 support staff functioning out of a purpose built ‘A’ class Hospital with one branch.  In 2004 the practice won the Pfizer/AVA Practice of Excellence Award as well as coming 3rd in the Fujitsu Customer Service Awards. 

At this stage (and even slightly before), I started co-presenting at trainings and workshops and in 2007 I started developing and hosting my own workshops. In July 2009 I sold my practice so as to be able to concentrate fully on my coaching, training, speaking and workshop business – and to be able to move to Exeter (NSW) to be with my partner. I missed clinical practice, so in May 2018 I purchased a veterinary practice with the aim of building it up by providing a highly customer service friendly veterinary practice alternative to the local community. In 12m we grew the practice gross fee turnover by 53.1% and trebled it's net take home profit. 


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