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Life of a Vet Student Blog - Veterinary life from the eyes of a student

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Nov 3rd 2016 - By Brooke Schampers, Vet Student
Life Of A Vet Student Blog Veterinary Life From The Eyes Of A Student Brooke Schampers

Another of our favourite bloggers is veterinary student Brooke who blogs about some of the harsh realities that face students but also the joy she gets from her journey on the path to becoming a veterinarian. 

I asked Brooke to tell us about her decision to start a blog (I can't imagine a vet student having much free time to write!), what her aims are as a blogger and what she likes to write about....

The trigger to writing was completely spontaneous and admittedly a lifesaver. What started as a procrastination idea during ‘swotvac,’ stuck with me. Reflecting back I had spent so much time arguing on Facebook comments to Animal Australia and venting to my friends about veterinary issues without an actual outlet for genuine constructive work.

This industry certainly is not perfect and there is plenty of controversy surrounding every day acts associated with livestock and small animal welfare. This blog was a blessing in disguise, I took a leap of faith to write about the aspects of the industry and studies that were affecting me and suddenly it escalated into an incredibly cathartic process.

I write when inspiration strikes, that might not be for weeks or I could write every day. Things on Facebook could trigger me or something that is said ignites me. Honestly, at the moment I have a list of things that concern me, frustrate me or fill me with pride for the veterinary industry, which are waiting to be spilled out onto a page (exam study is the inhibiting factor).

A blog post could take me from 10 minutes to an hour to write, depending on research and the amount of wine I have consumed (honestly it helps the thinking and emotional process).

My blog – ‘Life of a Vet Student,’ is absolutely non-formal. It is a conjugation of random thought processes about the industry and issues which I am confronted with. I hope to somehow connect with vet students, veterinary professionals and future people of this industry and whether that be through how life is as a student, my experiences on the realities of being a vet or the tough honesty that it really isn’t all puppies and kittens.

I am completely and utterly flattered when people even take the time to read my work! I love being able to be completely real and I don’t pretend to be a straight HD student. I study (and have emotional breakdowns) over every single mark I gain - vet school isn’t easy, trust me, I get what you are going through! But I love that through this process I have been able to connect with professionals and students throughout Australia and the world about veterinary science!

See below for steps on how to start a blog!

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How to Start a Blog:

  1. A glass of your favourite wine.

  2. A topic you feel passionate about eg. welfare, euthanasia, or irresponsible pet owners!

  3. Create an account with word press.

  4. Write!

  5. Send a link of your blog to websites and Facebook pages, which reflect your message – embrace the fact you have written something phenomenal and people should read it! 

If you have any questions of comments for Brooke about her blog or how she got started, just add them in to the Comments section below.

About Brooke

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a vet, and somewhere along the lines I just never changed my mind. I started working in clinics from grade 10 and meet some incredible veterinary professionals which only intensified my passion. Time has flown and I find myself in fourth year vet at James Cook University. It’s my goal to work in the field of emergency and critical care after graduation. My blog, follows my thoughts on the harsh realities that face vets and students but also the incredible patients and learning curves I have experienced.

You can follow Brooke's blog here: Life Of A Vet Student

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