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Meet Roxy...we catch up with VetShare

Posted in Our Community @ Apr 7th 2016 11:27am - By Roxy Krueger, Sales Manager, VetShare
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We like to regularly catch up with the businesses who are such great supporters of the Vetanswers Community and this week we're finding out more about VetShare's Sales Manager Roxy Krueger....

For 10 years I have been part of the Veterinary Industry. The Veterinarians, Practice Managers and Nurses I have met in this time have made my days, weeks, months and years rewarding. My roles in the industry have been Customer Centric and thus the success of the clinics I work with have become my yard stick for measuring success. 

Mid 2015 I was looking for purpose. Having some experience in property investing I explored a role in Real Estate however, I was unable to find alignment with my values. This brief change of scenery highlighted the unique and genuine nature of what I have experienced in the Veterinary Industry and I knew I had to get back. 

I now spend my time strengthening the investment of 224 VetShare Shareholders. The business they own is VetShare, a Vet Owned Veterinary Wholesaler. VetShare was born when the Australian wholesaling industry started to become foreign owned sending all profits overseas. 

Veterinary Nurses have been the backbone of VetShare since it opened. I say this as only individuals with Veterinary Nursing experience have been employed within our Customer Service Team. We do this as VetShare understands how unique, diverse and fast paced a Veterinary Clinic can be. We also understand how valuable and helpful it can be to call a Customer Service Team who knows what 'green ointment' and 'T-connectors' are, especially when time is not on your side. 

We have an expanding range of services which we offer to our clients. These range from VetPoints, Nurse of the Month, training opportunities, online ordering and of course a knowledgable Customer Service Team to name a few. Since late 2015 we have been servicing Queensland and Victoria and will be in South Australia during April 2016. 

If you are reconsidering your Veterinary Wholesaler and would like to get to know us and what we can provide please give us a call.

We look forward to getting to know you and your business. 

About Roxy

Roxy Krueger has a strong passion towards people and their businesses. Once she entered the Veterinary Industry in 2005 she knew this was an industry with purpose and sincerity. She completed a Masters in Marketing to add further value to Vet Nurses and Veterinarians and to create relevance. Roxy has a glowing passion for personal development and is currently focusing on adding value to Vet Nurses and Veterinarians to improve clinic results in a business sense and as they relate to patient outcomes.      

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Philomena Tobitt @ Apr 13th 2016 1:12pm
Well done Roxy! What a beautiful outlook on your work ethics at such a young age. May only the best come your way in your working environment and other achievements.
Judy @ Apr 13th 2016 1:34pm
Thanks Philomena. It's great finding out more about the people who we come across in the veterinary industry. I'm always fascinated to find out why they do what they do!

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