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Memories are not created on phones, they're created by being with people

Posted in Guest Blogger @ Apr 30th 2015 - By Mary Connolly, Director International Veterinary Branding
Central Park

This may not be a post directly about veterinary practice but it is about connecting with people

I've just returned from a trip to the USA where I travelled across the country with my family visiting Disneyland, sight seeing and attending a veterinary conference in Washington DC.  Now jetlag is keeping me awake so I'm lying here thinking (oh boy).

It's occured to me that something I have learnt from my travels and it comes as no surprise.....

Technology has cut us off from life itself.

There was one particular instance that I just can't get out of my head. In New York they have gorgeous horse & buggy rides through Central Park and I saw a couple in one who were BOTH on their phones.

Are you kidding me people? You're missing out on seeing the colours of the flowers as they finally bloom after a long winter. You're missing the baseball game cheers. You're missing the joy on the faces of children playing and you're missing the cute little squirrels! But most of're missing out on the person sitting next to you. You're missing out on witnessing the peace and joy in their eyes from being connected with nature and life itself.

You're missing out, period.

Phone obsession has become so bad that there are signs throughout NYC telling you to get off your phone and watch where you're going! The subways are packed with people on phones eliminating your chance of ever meeting someone interesting or inspiring and coffee shops are full of people sitting alone on Facebook. Why can't we just sit alone and experience what's going on around us?

It's called life!

I can tell you that when you die, you won't be saying "I miss my phone". You'll be missing the wonders of the earth and the joy from being with (& being fully present) with the people you love. Stories never begin with "Remember that one time when I was on my phone....." No! They begin with "Remember when WE.....".

Memories are not created on phones, they're created by being with people. Turn the phone off from time to time and start appreciating what nature and people have to offer.

Do you agree with Marianne's view on phones and life?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below

Marianne is a Director of International Veterinary Branding (IVB), the Veterinary Buyers Group and partner in a group of three veterinary practices on the Gold Coast.  Apart from her 15 years experience in practice, she is also a graphic designer and marketing consultant. Marianne's practices have won numerous awards including a Telstra Business Award and a Westpac Business Award.  She is passionate about the industry and has spoken at seminars and held webinars on communication and marketing.

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