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National Parvo Virus Survey: Has your veterinary practice taken part?

Posted in Our Community @ May 15th 2017 3:49pm - By Dr Mark Kelman, University of Sydney
National Parvo Virus Survey

A national survey on Canine Parvovirus (CPV) in Australia is now in it’s final weeks.

Parvovirus survey goals

The goals of the survey are to determine for the first time the full extent of Parvo nationally (which is currently unknown) and to identify ways to prevent disease cases and to stop outbreaks when they occur, or before they occur. Then researchers will test their findings with local disease-intervention and prevention strategies that will help save puppies lives in outbreak areas and could dramatically decrease case numbers.

It is the hope of the researchers that all companion animal veterinary clinics will complete the survey in order to provide the most comprehensive data possible for this important project.

Don't see parvo in your clinic? That's important information too...

Even clinics that do not see Parvo are asked to participate as it is as important to know where the disease does not occur, as it is to see where it does.

Cat clinic? You're needed too...

The survey also examines the occurrence of the closely-related Feline Panleucopenia or Feline Parvo, so cat clinics are also asked to participate.

Stop parvo cases and outbreaks across the nation....

This research is being conducted through the University of Sydney and represents a Masters by Research that is part of a bigger initiative to then move forward and stop Parvo cases and outbreaks across the nation.

With only a few weeks remaining until the survey closes, all veterinarians in companion animal practice are asked to complete the survey if they have not already. For a copy of the survey for those who have not already received it please contact Dr Mark Kelman at



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